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How App Developers Can Get Leverage from Data-Driven Analytics?

Data Driven Analytics in app development

To ensure that your business strategies and decisions are made after considering the latest market trends and user behavior, it is imperative to ensure that you are using the data-driven analytics. App development field is flourishing at an amazing pace and along with advancement, you can observe a dramatic improvement in it. Indubitably, the advent… Read More

Fun and Creative Ways for Home Decoration With Photographs

Creative Ways for Home Decoration With Photographs

There are lots of ways to redecorate your home on a budget (or start to decorate your home on a budget). One of the best and most cost effective ways to do this is with photography–your own or the photos taken by your friends and family, because those photos are almost always free! Here are… Read More

6 Best Joomla Tools for Creating a Winning Joomla Website

best joomla tools

Many developers and non-developers alike are using content management systems for running and maintaining their website. You can find several CMS available on the web, however, three most dominating CMS’s are WordPress, Drupal and Joomla. Joomla is preferred, when it comes to developing a site that is far more complex than WordPress but less complicated… Read More

Smartphone App Development: iOS vs Android [Infographic]

Smartphone app development_  iOS vs Android

The World with the population of 7.1 billionpeople has more than 1 billion smartphone users. Mobile operating systems are running onthe smartphones e.g. Android, iOS, Windows OS, BlackBerry and Firefox OS. Google’s Android is the most popular and widely used smartphone operating system followed by Apple’s iOS in second place. Android covers 80% market share… Read More

6 Amazing Bathroom Fittings to Give It a Modern Look

fancy bathroom flooring

When it comes to home renovations often en suites and restrooms get dropped to the bottom of the to-do list as kitchens, basements, and new paint jobs take top billing. Did you know that updating your washroom can be as easy as a new coat of colour, upgraded hardware, modernized lighting, perhaps a change of… Read More

27+ Designs for Apple iPhone Cases

iphone cases 25

The iPhone is one of the most popular smartphones at the moment, regardless of the exact model you’ve chosen. Although the main reason for its popularity is the excellent operating system, technical specifications and build quality offered by Apple, we can’t deny that the iPhone is an excellent choice in terms of customization as well.… Read More

Six Tools for Photographers for Designing the Perfect Photo Books

6 Tools Every Photographer Should Have For Designing The Perfect Photo Books

A photo book is an important resource for photographers who want to show their work to potential clients. Photo books also make great gifts. With today’s technology, creating an attractive photo book is now easier than ever. Let’s look at the six best tools for creating amazing photo books that you can be proud of.… Read More

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