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8 Must Have Gardening Apps 2015


Gardening is a great activity but sometimes it can be a lot of work. Why not let gardening apps do some of the work for you? There are so many great apps that can take the pressure off you. For example, accurately timing when you fertilize , water, or spray your plants is vital, and… Read More

PSD to WordPress – What Future Holds for It?


A constant growth has been observed in the field of web applications and CMS for past few years. Currently, there are numerous open source CMSs available on the internet such as Magento, Joomla, Opencart and OsCommerce. However, no other content management system is as good as WordPress. Not only WordPress is an open source CMS… Read More

Everything You Need to Know About Invisible Design

invisible design

The hardest-working designers and mostly the best design decisions are the ones that are never in the face and absolutely very hard to see. Many of the best digital experiences acknowledge this fact and mostly designers will find it hard to articulate why some elements should be in the way they are. They are trained… Read More

14 Ways for Blog Promotion in 2015 [Infographic]


Traffic is key for online success, whether we talk about bloggers or business websites. Every blogger or company wants to drive more & more traffic  towards their blog to make it a real success.But the question is; how to drive huge traffic with minimum effort in today busy life. So here we are with 14… Read More

7 Internal Search Plugins for WordPress Blog

best internal search plugins for wordpress

Man evolved from an Ape and as God himself came up with various tweaks and then finally delivered a masterpiece, why wouldn’t software come up with versions. WordPress is unarguably one of the best CMS , but that doesn’t implies that it is immaculate. One of the functionalities which I believe every person working on… Read More

Smart Ways to Use Smart Home Technology

smart home technology

Australian homeowners are considering the upgrade to a more automated home. The luxury of home automation is that it allows people to keep tabs on their home at all times from their smart mobile device or their computer. It was only around 50 years ago that the world had been dreaming about home automation concepts… Read More

3 Strategies Companies can Employ to Maximize Profits

Strategies Companies can Employ to Maximize Profits

Companies are always looking for effective ways to save money, especially in this tough economy. There are many was that a company can go about doing this. The methods they choose will depend a lot on the type of business they are in. If a company is publicly traded, the people who are in charge… Read More