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Ideas for Outdoor Pergola Design with Stylish Roofs


When you’ve decided to add a pergola to your outdoor area, you may not realise how important your choice of roof actually is. Fortunately, any pergola designer worth their salt understands this and will help you to determine which shape will best meet your requirements. In this article, we have outlined the areas that your… Read More

40+ Creative Ideas for Bathroom Accent Walls

bathroom accent wall ideas 4

Bathrooms are one of the most often overlooked spaces when it comes to interior design. We think this is a huge shame, since they offer so much potential for experimenting and incorporating fun themes into your home! If you’re not yet ready to commit to an entire bathroom overhaul, why not start small and incorporate… Read More

Latest TV Watching Trends and Statistics about US Families Today

US families TV watching trends

For decades, watching television as a family has been a popular pastime in the United States. Television first took off after World War II with popular shows such as “Texaco Start Theater” and the “Original Amateur Hour.” During the 1950s, American families were enjoying “Howdy Doody,” “I Love Lucy,” and “The Lone Ranger” By the… Read More

Creative Ideas to Design Your Own Reading Nook

design reading nook

Today, we live in a world in which it seems reading, for those who still read, has never been easier and more available. With all these free ebooks in pdf and epub formats today it is possible to have almost any book, just moments after it is released. Furthermore, with the sudden boom in popularity… Read More

How to Create eCommerce Website with WIX Stores?


Few website builders offer great eCommerce website builders and templates for free, but there are some very interesting paid options such offers unique capabilities, and gives you the opportunity to create a website free of charge. Creating your online store with WixStores gives you complete freedom and creative control. WixStores in Detail is… Read More

5 Best Blog Posts for Web Designer 2015

best blogs for web designers 2015

Good website design is vital to the success of a business’ online presence. If you are a small business owner it’s essential to keep yourself well informed of web design advances. In this online world, the design of your website plays a key role in your business’ success; almost as important as the products and… Read More

Quick Design Tips for Office Refurbishment 2015

Tips for office refurbishment 2015

When you are planning an office space refurbishment, you may be referring to a variety of areas within an office design. These spaces can include: Meeting spaces and how they are integrated into the office environment; The reception and waiting area; Office support areas, including work rooms, file rooms, storage areas, mail rooms and copier… Read More

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