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Kitchen Renovation Trends 2015; 27+ Ideas to Inspire

high tech kitchen 1

Renovating a kitchen is easier said than done. If a professional designs it for you the result might not live up to your expectations; if you design it, the whole remodeling can taken months. So what do you do? The smartest choice is to consult the most recent trends. You may not afford an interior… Read More

6 Expected Features of Apple iPhone 7

apple iphone 7 features

Apple, the name that does not need any introduction, is once again enjoying as headline-maker. This time, it’s due to iPhone 7. The smartphone is next big that would be coming from the company. It has been in the rumors for past few months now. We’ve so far seen both sensible and non-sense baseless rumors.… Read More

iOS 9 Expected Features and Release Date

ios9 features

The rumor world is full with rumors about iOS 9. Millions of fans of Apple are eagerly waiting for this upcoming mobile OS. Whether this version is worth waiting for or not is what can be judged from the specs list of it only. Unfortunately, for now, nothing official is known so far. But, on… Read More

Lovely Wedding Trends: Page Boy and Flower Girls Outfits


Wedding is not just to celebrate love of two persons. It originates from feasts and rituals which celebrated fertility and called for better offspring. Thus, an essential part of every traditional wedding are children – flower girl and page boy. Throughout history, their roles may have slighty changed, but one of them still remains: by… Read More

Modern Rugs Ideas to Rejuvenate the Interior Of Your Home

modern rugs 18

Every home needs modern rugs—there’s no arguing with that. No matter what kind of decor or theme you have for your home, rugs will always play an important role, both functionally and aesthetically. A rug can tie together different themes or time periods of interior design. It will all depend on the color, size, pattern… Read More

A List of Reliable Jenkins Plugins for PHP Projects

jenkins plugins

PHP based projects are becoming larger, with each passing day. The language runs on over a third of the world’s websites. And there is no doubt that it is sure to add wings to ongoing business projects by giving webmasters ability to churn out code easily and efficiently. However, it can be tricky to make… Read More

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