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5 Web Design Mistakes that Make Conversion Suffer

web design mistakes

Designing a website to ensure business conversion is the priority for most designers today. Because unless and until the website does not earn enough for the business all design excellence is futile. Though most of the time the design mistakes that kill conversion are involuntary one cannot help giving more attention to them for fulfilling… Read More

10 Trendy Interior Painting Color Palettes

trendy interior design paints

From white rooms with a fuchsia accent wall to retro color combinations like orange and olive green, interior design is moving away from safe neutrals such as off-white and beige and going for stark contrast and eye-popping color. Here are 10 of the trendiest color combinations that are popular right now. Purple Purple and Gray… Read More

Create Perfect Festive Mood with 1byOne LED Stage Light

festive season with LED lights

This dome shaped LED stage light capable of rotating light patterns around the room with different hues and textures can just transform any ambience with a romantic or festive look and feel. By easily changing between the different lighting modes you can create your own preferred lighting right in your home. This light weight portable… Read More

The Design Lifecycle: Get the Most Out of Photoshop

closeup of female dressmaker sketching and drawing dresses with graphic tablet. Horizontal shape, side view

Adobe has some of the most useful and powerful design tools currently on the market. Photoshop has become ubiquitous with editing and enhancing photos and graphic design. But if you are in the web design field, the graphic design aspects are probably the most appealing. The Whole Process One of the best parts of using… Read More

5 Buying Tips to Pick the Perfect Gift Laptop

Buying Tips To Pick The Perfect Gift Laptop

One popular gift that does not need much guesswork about a person’s likes and dislikes is a laptop. A high quality laptop will not need an upgrade for at least 3 years. Why You Should Monitor Instant Messengers? How to Use Google Drive to Help Organize Online Coupons? The trick to picking a good laptop… Read More

EasyHTML5Video: Best Free Tool to Create HTML5 Videos in 3 Steps

best free tool to create html5 videos

EasyHTML5Video lets you create amazing videos in just 3 steps to go with all browsers & all smart devices. Yes with the growing popularity of HTML5 in web development circles, it’s time to switch to HTML5 videos. It can add value to your websites & blogs where you can share quality HTML5 videos with your… Read More