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4 Options Technology Gives You to Kick Boredom Quickly

technology to kich boredom

You are sitting at home, all alone, thinking what to do. You have read all the books you own, but even if you did not, it is not something you really feel like doing at that moment. We are so used to having technology in our lives that we can hardly imagine our day without… Read More

Essential Rulebook For People Designing Promotional Material

design rules

At some point in your career as a designer, you may have to create promotional material. This aspect of design can range from flyers and posters  to stands and billboards. When you undertake a project like this one, you will need to know what you are doing. Making something look attractive is not always the… Read More

9 Incredible Logo Design Tips to Create an Engaging Brand

logo design tips

Designing a logo is a massive responsibility for any graphic designer. Now, you have the ability to determine the entire identity of a company in just one symbol. When you get to work, you have loads of things to consider. The logo needs to be eye-catching, but not too flashy. It ought to be memorable,… Read More

7 Splendid HTML5 Animation Tools For Designers’ Inspiration

html5 animation tools

Indubitably, animation is an interesting form of visual content that often interests viewers. Thus, by adding an appropriate animation in your web solution, you can attract potential viewers while enhancing the entire look and feel of your web presence. For the folks who are interested in developing animations, they can reap the benefits of HTML5… Read More

10 Creative Design Resources Free for All

creative design resources

If someone asks you to come up with a ballpark figure of the number of resources an average designer requires on a regular basis, you’d probably say ‘uncountable’ or ‘hundreds’. That is the thing about creating exceptional designs, no one sees the hard work that goes into making one web page. However, we do! Also,… Read More

7 Tips To Develop Rich Cross-Platform Mobile Apps

Tips To Develop Rich Cross-Platform Mobile Apps

As mobile applications are becoming the standard in computing and persistently rising customer demands for advanced applications, it is imperative to heighten your market visibility and penetration by targeting as many platforms with your mobile presence as possible. The proliferation of mobile devices has certainly made it a bit tough to reach multiple devices. Although,… Read More

Top Pointers for a Beginner to Write a Newsgame

Write a Newsgame

Newsgames were closed to being considered obsolete, but an event that took place in 2014 in Germany brought the genre back into the spotlight. If you’re not a big fan of gaming to be familiar with all genres, newsgames are games that are designed from the base of a real-life event, be it social, political,… Read More

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