Creating an Employee App with Azure Mobile Services .NET Backend

Azure Mobile Services

Today we will walk you through the process of creating an employee app with Azure mobile services .net backend. Let’s have a look at step by step process below: Employee An employee works as a list of employes for a information purpose along with there names and Salary of each employee that they holds. EmployeeRead More

UX/UI Design Considerations for Mobile App Development in 2016

UX UI Design Considerations for Mobile App Development 2016

UI/UX design plays a vital part in the success of today’s mobile applications. While the UI (User Interface) design of an app helps users interact with the app in a seamless manner, the UX (User Experience) design is crucial for leaving a positive impression on your users’ mind. Though UI and UX are not theRead More

4 Tips for Educating a Technology Driven Classroom

Tips for Educating a Technology Driven Classroom

As technology continues to touch and transform nearly every task in modern lives, education professionals must struggle to keep up with the teaching resources that are made available to them every day. Teachers might find it hard to learn about the new technologies as they unfold, but they will also find that their jobs canRead More

5 Surprising Places to Nurture Your Creativity

MELBOURNE - AUGUST 14: Street art by unidentified artist. Melbourne's graffiti management plan recognises the importance of street art in a vibrant urban culture - August 14, 2013 in Melbourne, Australia

Inspiration is all around us. If you’re having trouble finding it, you might be looking in all the wrong places. Sometimes it’s right in front of us. Here are five examples of places that can spark creativity. Your Home We spend the most time in our homes. However, most people don’t know that our homesRead More

Top Design Trends Expected in 2016

web design trends in 2016

Web designers are some of the leading influencers when it comes to corporate images on the internet and in many cases in businesses so they can maintain a sense of uniformity. As a web designer, you need to stay on your tippy toes and be able to adapt to changes much sooner than most careerRead More

EaseUS: Best Free Backup Software for Personal & Business Needs

best free backup software easeus

EaseUS Todo Backup Free is one of the most widely used backup software and, to be fair this shouldn’t come as a surprise considering this software suite’s functionality and great price. EaseUS Todo Backup Free is completely free of charge, and it is used by both regular users and small businesses that need an efficientRead More

Every Printing Need Can Be Taken Care Of At

Card and Brochure Printing

What Is Every business that is out there will need something printed at one point or another, whether they choose to print it on their own or send the work a way to get it printed elsewhere. Businesses need many things like cards, flyers, brochures, mailers, gift cards, key tags, labels and more, especiallyRead More