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Why You Need a Decent Business Card? 4 Compelling Reasons

Business Cards

While most entrepreneurs will have a business card printed out for future networking opportunities, a large portion don’t stop to consider several important aspects that help certain cards stand out from the rest. A well-thought out design will tap into the individual’s psychology as well as promote the right type of impression. Here are a… Read More

Galaxy Note 5: What We Know So Far?


No, it’s not any irony. We know that nothing official is known about this smartphone so far, but still, we know a lot about this upcoming device, thanks to continuously popping up rumors. For those who love to keep an eye of rumors, this post is must read as it covers all what we know… Read More

How to Implement Typography Effects Using CSS and jQuery?

Typography Effects Using CSS and jQuery

More and more online businesses are using typography as a key driver, to draw attention of web-surfers to their website. But, still there exists a majority of webmasters who overlook typography enhancement. Wondering Why? There are several other aspects that are more important than embedding typographical effects into a design. For instance, webmasters forgot that… Read More

Kitchen Renovation Trends 2015; 27+ Ideas to Inspire

high tech kitchen 1

Renovating a kitchen is easier said than done. If a professional designs it for you the result might not live up to your expectations; if you design it, the whole remodeling can taken months. So what do you do? The smartest choice is to consult the most recent trends. You may not afford an interior… Read More

6 Expected Features of Apple iPhone 7

apple iphone 7 features

Apple, the name that does not need any introduction, is once again enjoying as headline-maker. This time, it’s due to iPhone 7. The smartphone is next big that would be coming from the company. It has been in the rumors for past few months now. We’ve so far seen both sensible and non-sense baseless rumors.… Read More

iOS 9 Expected Features and Release Date

ios9 features

The rumor world is full with rumors about iOS 9. Millions of fans of Apple are eagerly waiting for this upcoming mobile OS. Whether this version is worth waiting for or not is what can be judged from the specs list of it only. Unfortunately, for now, nothing official is known so far. But, on… Read More

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