10 Creative Design Resources Free for All

If someone asks you to come up with a ballpark figure of the number of resources an average designer requires on a regular basis, you’d probably say ‘uncountable’ or ‘hundreds’.

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That is the thing about creating exceptional designs, no one sees the hard work that goes into making one web page. However, we do! Also, this is why we have come up with some of the most amazing freebies you can stock up on.

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From WordPress themes to Photoshop gradients, this List of 10 Creative Design Resources Free for All, will help you build a great collection you can depend on for most of your projects.

Have fun!

15 Irresistible Free Photoshop Actions

For a designer, their portfolio speaks volume. Even if you are just starting out and need to impress by showcasing your Photoshop skills, these 15 Photoshop actions will help you create stunning images.

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Age your pictures with yellow-greenish action or bring out the classics in a black and white, you are spoilt for choice.

If a picture is worth a 1000 words, well-edited pictures spin stories. Use these Photoshop actions in commercial and personal projects and wow everyone with your skills. We’re warning you you’d be soon flooded with friends requesting you to edit their pictures.

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Beautiful TriColore Scalable Free Typeface

A good typeface helps with a multitude of projects. From brochures and posters to drawing attention with brightly written headlines on web pages, there’s so much you can do with the TriColore Free Typeface.

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Each character is fashioned using three separate pieces of shape and which includes a lot of color palate. Just use any basic vector editing application to create your designs.

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Royalty Free Graphics

Even if you are at the starting stages where you aren’t going all out designing websites for the big boys, you still need royalty free graphics. Especially if you are in the initial stages with a modest budget, you need this pack of royalty free graphics.

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Initially accounted to be more than $50 in cost, this set of royalty free graphics comes with 22 different vectors, 9 vector illustrations and 3 high-res textures.

Use these to create outstanding posters and invites or include them in the backdrop of a blog or a web page, this would instantly spruce up any page!

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Free Paper Texture Pack: 64 Card Stock Photos

Here you can download 64 card stock photos for free. This free paper texture pack  can be used in mockup templates & other design projects to let you present your creative work in a professional way. Just get them & add extra shine to your creative portfolio.

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free card stock photos

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Awesome Pricing Tables & Banners

Subscription-based websites cannot do without a good pricing banner. These banners that are made by vector shapes can be customized and edited as per the needs of the website.

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Differentiate between pricing options and highlight the benefits of all the subscription plans with this set of pricing tables and banners. Even if you aren’t working on a website run on subscriptions, you will find a proper use for the different banners for a number of websites retailing different types of products.

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Cucina di Casa Responsive WordPress Template

Include the essence of neuromarketing through portfolio pictures of appetizing dishes for a food blogger’s website or a restaurant website. The Cucina di Casa template is responsive and provides stable viewing across all devices.

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Without being limited in scope, the WordPress theme is a great addition to any bakery and book store as well. There are 7 predefined color schemes that you can choose from or customize your own with one fully customizable option.

With cross browser compatibility, the theme facilitates social media integration and comes with responsive sliders.

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48 free social media icons

Making a birthday page or invite for a social media crazy friend? These social media icons will add a dash of quirk to your work.

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Besides working them in personal projects you can also use them on client’s websites. The icons are licensed for both commercial and personal usage.

Icons are of 32 pixel and available in .PSD and .PNG formats.

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Concrete Texture Pack

The texture pack that resembles realistic concrete layout is perfect for adding depth to images and creating backgrounds. Use them in photo manipulation to create stunning after images.

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Maybe a picture of what one Hulk smash can do to your neighborhood alleyways? You have unlimited scope to get creative with this!

A must-have for every designer who loves experimenting and creating realistic graphics, the concrete texture pack comprise of six different concrete and cement textures. These are high resolution textures measuring 3000 X 3000 pixels.

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15 Metallic Photoshop Gradients

Tinman’s digital avatar would love these metallic Photoshop gradients. The brilliantly glossy gradients will find its way on alluring backgrounds on your client’s web pages- especially if they cater to the metal industry- and even various images.

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Use them for text effects and layer blending, these are all individually sampled and created using real metals. Since it’s made to mimic its real metallic counterparts, you can expect a rich tone and color transition.

Available in .jpg/.psd/.grd formats, the Metallic Photoshop Gradients are licensed for personal and commercial usage only.

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iPad Air Mockups

With iPad Air having gained quite some popularity, the iPad Air Mockups will help you present your designs better. Give your clients and investor a pragmatic view of how the design looks in context.

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The iPad Air Mockups are available in both .jpg and .psd formats and can be downloaded instantly.

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Pack of 100 Smart Devices Icons

The world is going smart- well at least in terms of phones and tabs- not much can be said about their I.Q. The pack of 100 smart devices icons will find a good fit in web projects centered on the topic.

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Increasing readability on your client’s website plus breaking the monotony of text, the smart devices icons are a great addition to your kitty.

Think you can’t find a use for it now? Wait till some project on iPhone v/s Android comes up, or you have to design a poster for gamers. Stocking up on these smart devices icon is a smart choice- one you wouldn’t regret!

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Which of these freebies did you like best? Are there any particular themes or icons you want us to include?