10 Cross Platforms Mobile Apps Development Tools in 2015

Cross platforms application development tools have gained attention all around the world. Its main purpose is to enable the coders to develop an app, which can work on multiple platforms seamlessly.

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As Android, iOS and many other platforms have got millions of users worldwide, it has become difficult for developers to give preference to single platform while developing an app. If they opt for single platform, then they may end up with less revenue collection.  In contrary to this, coding an app for cross platforms will demand lots of efforts and investments. But when the developers use cross platform development tool, then their efforts become minimum and ROI boom.

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At present, many organizations are manufacturing and distributing the cross platform app development tools. Among them some of the tools come with the best feature and are believed to become the topmost choice in 2015. To know more about those tool, let’s have a glimpse over Top 10 Cross Platform Mobile Apps Development Tools in 2015:


Xamarin is C# based technology that allows the users to code application for iOS,  Android, Windows and other platforms. It basically uses the .Net framework to execute the app. Here, users only need to use C# and Native UI controls to code app for different platforms. This tool supports different IDEs (Interactive Development Environment) that simplify the way for developers to program the app.

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PhoneGap is an open source framework that supports the web technologies, such as  HTML, CSS and JavaScript. This framework allows developers to build the app that can arm the users to easily access the mobile features, like Camera, Sensors, Geolocation, storage, etc. It comes with properly drafted documentation that simplifies the way for developers to learn the best PhoneGap coding approach.

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iFactr is a feature-rich platform that uses C# technology. It aids the developers to code enterprise-centric cross platforms application. In order to compile the application, this platform comes with Xamarin. It is easy to learn and use. This platform supports backward compatibility that eases the way for developers to code the app for all types of platform of any version.

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Appcelerator is a framework for creating the cross platforms application that can give native like experience to the users. In order to use this technology, the developers should have the knowledge of JavaScript. This framework is packed with superb MVC platform that enables the users to build prototype quickly. There is a support for testing application that quickens the way for users to check every feature.

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Sencha Touch

Sencha Touch is a framework that has been programmed to be used with the help of HTML5 web technology. It supports 50 inbuilt components, different themes and MVC system that expedite the development process. This framework enables the users to build app having native look for different mobile platforms. It can be easily integrated with PhoneGap in order to enhance the app features, so that the users can easily access mobile devices’ features.

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Corona SDK

Corona SDK comes with set of extensive libraries that enable the users to build any type of application, including game app, education and business app. This supports multiple platforms compatibility features in order to empower the coder to program application for cross platforms. There are various tools that expedite the process of building the application.

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jQuery Mobile

jQuery Mobile, an advanced HTML5 framework that enables the coder to program the responsive website and mobile application for different platforms. This platform supports concept of write onces and deploy on all mobile platforms. There is easy-to-customize functionality that enables the developer to build the interface quickly.

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SAP has been in a mobile application development domain for many years. Earlier, it was not easy to use this platform. But, since the release of version 3.0, this platform has become the topmost choice of various developers in term of designing and developing the mobile app for multiple platforms. This basically uses the HTML5 platforms.

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RhoMobile, a Ruby based integrated framework, which is designed to empower developers for coding the mobile application for different platforms. This framework supports cloud based hosting and comes with different add-on features for building the powerful application.

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Widgetpad is a superbly built web-based platform, which helps the developers to build cross platform mobile application. It allow the developer to code the app, which can access the small unit of features on mobile. This platforms is good for building the lightweight application.

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Hope that this list of cross platform mobile application tools will help you choose the best tools for your app. The cross platform mobile application development is an effective way. Today, this concept is in a growing phase, but in the coming times it will be the most used approach.

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