10 Secrets to Know to Make Your Route to BIM

BIM, which means Building Information Modelling, is not just about the designs, but also about the properties of the component, construction, and ongoing maintenance. It is the digital representation of physical and functional properties of a building. Traditional drawings of buildings were mainly based upon 2D drawing but with the help of BIM, the very concept changes as it takes the course to a whole new level of 3D drawing with time as fourth dimension and cost as fifth dimension. It’s not just geometry but covers spatial relationships, light analysis, geographic information, quantities and properties of building components (including manufacturer’s details with specifications).

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  • It’s not the software

The very basic concept about software and its cost seems to be the first barrier for any company as they don’t understand what they are dealing with. To get the BIM technologies and to implement them throughout the organization is the real hardship. Breaking through all course and fully integrating internal and external team is the real way of benefiting from the process. A variety of free products is available that can be used to view and mark up models, which are useful for members who are not actually designing or to get an initial feel of the software

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  • Work in the first place

It’s very important to review the working of the firm in the first place. It’s about taking the tools and workflows that people use and change to a more transparent and more collaborative way of working in a firm. One needs to first understand the current situation in the firm than the technology and the process one ascertains to go for.

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  • Not for the IT Manager

One has to get on board so as to determine how important it might be than a person lower down the organization to make it successful. To take a decision, one need not have to understand the technology but they do need to have a thorough understanding of the process they are being proposed to.

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  • Make a Plan

One has to have a perfect strategy so as to bring the vision to reality. A perfect planning about the detailed technological structure is important. There are various important decisions to make so as to match the communication and cultural differences of various places.

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  • Self-Knowledge

One has to learn for himself/herself how it works before one takes it to the firm so as to get everybody’s attention and curiosity. Everybody needs to have a keen interest towards adopting new technologies otherwise it won’t move forward.

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  • Make it usual

The major priority to make thing easier for the other clients in the firm so as to make the project seems usual. One has to modify company’s integrated management system (IMS) so that it can be embedded with BIM. Moreover, one need to make it go through every person in the firm so as to get the various ideas that are possible only if the ideas are clear.

  • Treat accordingly

BIM is an organization wide change, but it doesn’t mean that everybody needs to build a model from scratch. Different people have a different requirement from someone in the business development which needs to understand the concept and add value for the client but not for the working of tools. One needs to educate a critical mass of the firms does as to carry on the project smoothly.

  • No early training

People who have already adopted BIM training in a hard way inferred that there is no need of training people beforehand because it will be a waste of time.

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  • E-Mail is not a project tool

The e-mail is something that can’t be the substitute for genuine communication. With BIM, IT System companies have to cope with files that are so huge that they haven’t dealt with in past.

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  • No low-spec computers

It may sound superficial but buying top-spec computers would save money than repeatedly changing the low-spec computers time and time again.

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