10 Trendy Interior Painting Color Palettes

From white rooms with a fuchsia accent wall to retro color combinations like orange and olive green, interior design is moving away from safe neutrals such as off-white and beige and going for stark contrast and eye-popping color. Here are 10 of the trendiest color combinations that are popular right now.

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Purple and Gray

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Purples are becoming increasingly popular. From dark, seductive purple in the bedroom to bright and bold fuchsia in the living room, if you love the color purple, go ahead and use it on your walls. It’ll make you feel like royalty every time you look at it.

Purple and White

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Green and Brown

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The color green represents growth and new life. That’s why it’s becoming a popular color for interior design. As we quickly move away from the safety of beige and off-white, green takes over. With so many shades of green there are countless color palette combinations available.

Retro Olive Green and Orange

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Classic Blue and White

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For many homeowners, blue is their favorite color. So it’s no surprise that blue has been a popular choice for interior design. From dark, calming blue to energetic teal and turquoise, blue is always going to be a trendy interior design color.

Turquoise and Brown

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Orange and Gray


Orange is one of those colors that most people either love or hate. Which is why it’s surprising that it’s making a big splash when it comes to interior paint palettes. Whether you pair it with white, gray, blue, or any other color, orange is quickly becoming a trendy color in modern homes.

Orange and Blue


Long gone are the days of neutral beige walls. The modern trends indicate that all shades of gray – from charcoal to light gray – are replacing the classic neutrals. As for whites, off-whites aren’t cutting it any more. Most homeowners want stark white to offset their bold accent walls.

White with Bold Accent Wall


Article written by Kelly Mahan, also a writer for homeyou.com, a company that connects homeowners to reliable, affordable and professional contractors for their home improvement projects. Check more on Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter.