11 Quirky Facts about Apple You Probably Didn’t Know

Despite huge competition in a crowded IT market, Apple made it to the top of the tree. From humble beginnings in Steve Jobs’ garage in California in 1976 to the imminent release of the iPhone 7 and near-world domination (so some say), Apple is nothing if not a huge success story.

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The company’s late co-founder Steve Jobs was known to be a quirky thinker – so how did this affect the business?

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  1. Apple’s well known advertising slogan ‘Think different’ was the perfect riposte to IBM’s ‘Think’ – however it is often criticised for being grammatically sloppy. In his defence, Jobs thought of ‘different’ as a noun and wanted it to be used like ‘think beauty’ or ‘think victory’ or colloquially as in ‘think big’.
  1. The name ‘Apple’ was similarly refreshing and inspired by the fact that Jobs was on a fruit-only diet at the time of naming the company. He wanted a playful word to contrast the seriousness of the IT business and, crucially, he wanted to be in front of competitor Atari in the telephone book!
  1. The company’s first logo is a traditional black and white etching showing Isaac Newton sitting under an apple tree. Jobs found the image too complicated and replaced it with a simple outline of an apple, rainbow coloured and with a bite taken out.
  1. The first Apple product cost $666.66 – representing a straightforward 1/3 mark-up on the manufacturing cost of $500 and because co-founder Steve Wozniak had a liking for repeating numbers. Apparently, no-one was aware of the satanic implications of the number…
  1. 1990s US fashion giant Gap inspired the original Apple retail store for its simple, modern and unfussy store design. Gap CEO Mickey Drexler joined Apple as a board member several years later.
  1. Job had a strong dislike of PCs – so much so that he is famously quoted as having proclaimed ‘I’d rather sell dog shit than PCs’ in the early 1990s.
  1. It may surprise you to hear that arch-rival and Microsoft founder Bill Gates decided to invest $150 million in Apple in 1997 just after Jobs’ rejoined the company. In a historic agreement between the two companies, Jobs famously said that ‘we have to let go of this notion that for Apple to win, Microsoft has to lose.’ Well, by 2003, Microsoft had sold its entire stake.
  1. Have you ever wondered why every iPhone advert always shows the same time: 09:41? Yes, it’s deliberate. It’s the time the first model was unveiled in 2007!
  1. Similarly, you may be wondering why the Apple Watch always displays 10:09. It’s a minute earlier than 10:10, the time traditionally displayed by watch manufacturers to show off the watch face to best advantage. Why? Because Apple is ahead of its analogue competitors!
  1. Steve Jobs was no philanthropist and the company’s public giving programmes in the early years were closed, with a promise to reinstate them when Apple became profitable, which never materialised. According to Jobs’ biography, he believed he could do more to change the world for the better by making great products, not by giving to charity.
  1. When Steve Jobs succumbed to pancreatic cancer on 16th October 2011 at the age of 56, the Governor of California, Jerry Brown, made this day Steve Jobs Day.

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