12+ e-Commerce Plugins for WordPress

WordPress is one of the standard blogging platforms and a content managing system on the internet. It is widely used and fairly easy for the end user to learn and understand. WordPress themes can be easily customised to make your site look attractive. It is one of the reasons why many business entrepreneurs use WordPress plugins for their sites. Here are some of the eCommerce plugins for wordpress to increase sales, functionality of your site. There are varieties of plugins like free to commercial, basic to complex, and many more; however, each of it provides tools, which permit you to sell your goods on a WordPress run website.

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Best wordpress-ecommerce-plugins

1- Ecwid(Free/Paid)

It is a free plugin for WordPress powered websites. It is an ecommerce shopping cart, very easy to install and maintain. So, you can use it in the way you want the look to be. Some of the features of Ecwid (ecommerce widgets) are:

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• Ajax is used everywhere and it supports drag and drop.

• It can be integrated with the social networking sites within minutes.

• You can run your own store on any of the social media sites like MySpace, Twitter, Facebook, and many others which also allow customers to share products.

• Simple to install, maintain and easy to use for both customer and owner.

2- eShop (Free)

It is another e-commerce shopping cart for WordPress. It is free of cost and good eCommerce cart. It is very easy to add products, check status, and review. It can be completely customised and can give an amazing and desired look. The disadvantage of this shopping cart is that you can only use Payson’s PayPal or eshop account to make payments for purchases on your site. If you are using eShop as a payment gateway, you cannot take invoice for the customers un like doing with the PayPal gateway. This may be upgraded in due course of time; eShop is a very good shopping cart except for some of the drawbacks in payment options.

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3- WP e-Commerce (Free)

WP e-commerce is free ecommerce cart for the WordPress. It is one of the widely used shopping carts for ecommerce websites and has more features than eShop. Robust and very complex sites use this plugin. Some of the famous sites that use this plugin are City Surf and Icon Dock for their business. Icon Dock has a unique feature of drag and drop for purchasing the products. By using WP ecommerce plugin, you can also accept manual payment, PayPal Payments Pro, Google Checkout, PayPal Express checkout and Chronopay. This is treated as a jewel for shopping cart as it accepts many features and payments. On the site too, it has a number of adds-on for shopping carts like shipping modules and product sliders. The only drawback of this is the absence of printing invoices. Though there is no choice for customising invoice, you can view the invoice and print it if required.

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4- Shopp ($55)

Shopp is one of the most popular and functional cart plugins for WordPress. However, such a cool plugin doesn’t come for free and anyone that wants to use it must pay at least $55. This is the minimum price of this plugin and for your money you’ll get a single license for it. Of course, you can buy additional plugins which will enhance the application’s functionality by adding payment gateways, support module, shipping modules, etc. $55 isn’t much money, especially if you are developing your own business and you are looking for a reliable ecommerce system. Shopp is easy to install and use and it comes with a detailed guide, so anyone should find it easy to use.

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5- PHPurchase ($49)

PHPurchase is also a paid plugin, but is slightly more affordable than the latter. The standard edition of PHPurchase costs $49, but you can also get the Pro Version which costs $99. The plugin is superior to all free cart plugins, because it offers a wide range of functions and customizable features that can enhance your website’s functionality. It is easy to use and one of the best things for it is that it can accept several payment gateways such as eProcessing Network, Quantum Gateway, PayPal Express Checkout, Paypal Website Payments Professional, Chase Paymentech, etc.

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6- Cart66 Lite (Free)

Cart66 lite is another e-commerce plugin for the popular platform WordPress. It is one of the lightest plugins, but it doesn’t lack functionality. It can be used to sell digital and physical goods, and offers a wide range of customizable features. If you use it, you’ll get many currency options, multiple shipping and a reliable affiliate marketing program.

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7- Jigoshop (Free)

Jigoshop is a fairly light plugin which is also very easy to install and use. You can have a fully functional and flexible e-commerce website in a matter of minutes. Jigoshop allows you to include different products in your website, sort them in categories and assign different attributes to them. It has one of the most powerful search systems, so your visitors will find your website easy and convenient to use.

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8- WooCommerce (Free)

WooCommerce is the most popular e-commerce plugin for WordPress at the moment. It is being developed by the owners of Woothemes and its functionality is great. This is undisputedly one of the best e-commerce plugins out there. It comes pre-loaded with lots of futures and you can customize each one of them. The helpful widget of this plugin will provide you with detailed information about the progress of your business and other interesting statistics. There are many third-party plugins available for Woocommerce.

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9- Quick Shop (Free)

Quick Shop is one of the simplest and lightest cart plugins for WordPress. Basically, all it does is display a shopping cart in one of the sidebars on your website. It allows you to receive payments through PayPal, receive notification emails for purchases and to add products in your pages.

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10- YAK (Free)

YAK is a shopping cart plugin which combines your posts and pages with the products your offering. Basically, post IDs turn into product codes and you can easily assign products to different categories. The shopping cart is very customizable as well and YAK supports a wide range of payment options and gateways.

11- ShopperPress ($79)

ShopperPress is a plugin that combines a lot of interesting features and thanks to its flexibility you can tailor it according to your requirements. It comes pre-loaded with 20 different themes, so you don’t have to spend extra money on a template. With ShopperPress you can sell digital and physical goods. The plugin supports multiple languages, more than 20 payment gateways and a wide range of payment options. The plugin is one of the simplest out there and it barely requires any configuration. You just install it and your e-commerce website is ready.

12- WP Secure Downloads ($39.95)

WP Secure Downloads is one of the safest and most reliable plugins for selling digital goods. If you are planning to sell music, artwork, documents, software or any other type of digital content, then this plugin is one of your best options. Its reliability is a result of the plugin’s simplicity.

13- MarketPress (Free)

MarketPress is the best choice if you want to start an entire network of e-commerce websites. The plugin is very functional and you can easily run it on several sites simultaneously. Of course, you can run it on just one website as well, but this won’t reveal the true capabilities of this marvelous piece of software.

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