12+ Things to Keep in Mind While Designing Custom Stickers

Custom stickers are really very beneficial for corporate companies and business uses. It is very popular in corporate industry and almost everyone in corporate world prefers buying them for different reasons. One of the most important reasons of buying custom stickers is that these stickers could be really very effective way of promoting your own company or its stuff. Brand advertisements or product advertisements can be easily given thru these stickers and this is really very effective marketing tool.

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In today’s fast forwarding world, publicity and promotion has become necessity of every brand and business and custom stickers are considered one of the most effective and affordable method of promotion for every business. There are so many advantages of custom stickers but there is only one necessary thing that you would assist or could interrupt the marketing results and that is its creative looks and easy approach. Of course, the easy approach can be easily created by the product custom sticker’s distribution but if your custom sticker is not creative enough to attract people then it would not work as much perfectly as you imagined.

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Designing Custom Stickers

This is the main point which is the necessity of custom stickers and it can be modified or improved only while designing so it is important to understand its designing requirements and to take care of its needs while designing custom stickers. So if you want to make your custom sticker beneficial for your promotion or if you want to grab the attention of the public with these custom stickers then you would need to know the basic designing standards of designing and you should know the things that will make your design better and impressive. Here I am sharing with you some basic things that you would need to consider while designing the custom stickers.

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1- If you are designing custom stickers for any specific purpose then your purpose should be highlighted in your design. For example, if you are designing custom stickers for promotion of your brand then your brand name should be highlighted in the custom stickers design.

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2- Make sure that your custom stickers are impressive and colorful. With these stickers, you will interact with the public indirectly so the stickers should be creative and beautiful according to the general public preferences.

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3- Make sure that your concept is clear but also creatively presented in the stickers. You cannot add any presentation here so it is the time to show creative art design functionalities here. You should keep your custom stickers impressive and preferable for public.

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4- Make the custom stickers of standard size. Never forget that the size can make your stickers more preferable as well as forgettable. You should make the custom stickers which would be easy to be fitted everywhere and they should be easy to carry and to stick as well.

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5- Convey your original message effectively. Make sure that you have something in your design which will describe the purpose of your custom stickers designing and it will also work even without words! That is what we call design creativity!

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6- Make your design unique and impressive. Inspiration is good but do not copy any looks, color combinations etc of any other custom sticker. It will make your identity little blurry and it will merge the audiences which will result in less preferences.

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7- Choose the color combination that will suite and grab attention of peoples for the purposes of your business publicity.

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8- Get inspired with something but use your own imaginations for your custom stickers designing.

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9- Use the advanced designing tools for advanced designing options and if you want to create impressive and useful modified graphics then the online tools will definitely help you in that.

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10- You can take help of Photoshop or any other photo designing software which will help you to generate or modify high resolution image which is recommended for custom stickers designing. These kinds of software are always helpful in designing and you will get more inspiration of designs while working on them. Their functionalities will help you to give your best to the custom sticker’s designs.

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11- Create designing options and then apply one of the most appealing color schemes for custom stickers printing. It is not always possible to create impressive design in single try. In fact, most of the time, creative designs needs time and experiments. So, if you want to get a creative design then give some time and design options for custom stickers. Choose perfect design from them and then apply different color schemes on it and then choose one of the best looking designs for your custom stickers.

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12- Make your own simple and unique images for custom stickers printing because it will look more impressive and catchy. It is not important to create anime high quality and properly live looking images for custom stickers. In fact, these kinds of totally high quality proper images does not takes as much attention as the simple and yet creative design custom stickers.

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13- Make sure that you highlight the basic designs with proper outlines of combination colors. It will make your design even more creative and impressive. It will help you to make attract peoples more with single imaging effect!

These are some of the most common but useful things that every designer should remember while designing custom stickers and these tips will help you to create best and creative design for your custom stickers! If you are going to create a custom stickers design then you these tips will definitely help you to get creative and attractive custom stickers designs.

Lisa Montgomery is the art director for www.discountstickerprinting.co.uk which is a custom sticker printing company helping organizations grow their business.