15+ Best Design Tools For People without Designing Skills

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But not because you know what beauty is and what is not, doesn’t mean you can easily design your own websites, presentations, infographics and images. You might not even know how to use photo editing tools, which are a must if you want to be a good designer. For most people, they just rely on their designer friends to help them create wonderful works of art, whether they intend to use it for work, school, or personal use. But what if that designer you are relying on is not available?

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Thankfully, there are applications that make designing easier. You do not have to study an expensive designing course, or watch so many tutorial videos online. You don’t even need to ask help from anyone. All you need are these design tools and dedication to create something appealing. Check out these best design tools to create whatever you want:

GIMP: GNU Image Manipulation Program

Do you want to edit images photoshop-style, sans the confusing buttons? Then GIMP is perfect for a non-designer like you. With this tool, you can crop, re-size, add texts and much more.

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Label 59

If an interactive presentation is what you need, Label 59 is the told you need. This drag and drop tool lets you create flash or HTML reports, you can use in school, office, or even your websites.

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Business plans and academic group projects are easier to do with Skitch. Even without any design skills, you can create simple and creative plans, by adding annotation, shapes, sketches and text on a photo. This is also a perfect collaborative application.

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Want to invest on the effectiveness of online marketing by creating digital flyers? Then use Smore, to make your marketing plan easy and effective. With Smore, you simply drag and drop element you want to add on the flyer.

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This drag and drop graphic design tool can be used personally, or for your business cards, invitations, advertisements, presentations and more. The tool is loaded with thousands of images, fonts, and other graphic design tools.

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If you want to design an infogram, but you do not have a Photoshop skills to do it, check out Easel.ly. It has different themed layouts. Just drag and drop to edit it according to the data you want to input.

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Is making graphs on Excel or Power Point too difficult for you? Then use Hohli to make your work easier. With this tool you can create accurate and easy to understand graphs in seconds.

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Another cool infogram and data visualization tool that even non-designers can use. It is interactive, flexible and easy. Infoactive makes reports, and presentations visually interesting to read.

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Vector Magic

Familiar with vectors and bitmap images? No? Use Vector Magic and knowing the difference between the two doesn’t matter anymore. This tool converts bitmaps to vectors, creating clean and sharp images.

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Impress your future employers with visually appealing resumes by using Vizualize.me. Connect it with your LinkedIn profile, and wait for your cool infographic resume.

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Infograms are the trend in content marketing because it is attractive and easy to understand. Business owners, or students who want to have a cool school presentation must try Infogr.am. This lets even non designers to create cool graphs, tables, and infographics.

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Actual Reports Designer

This is a perfect design tool for your business. Actual Reports Designer is a multi-faceted tool featuring online document editor, barcode and QR code generator, automatic layout logic algorithm and more.

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Photos are not the only medium, designers often use. Sometimes they have to use videos. With WeVideo, making video presentation is simple and convenient. You can easily Integrate it with your drop box, Youtube, and other social media platforms.

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Adobe Kuler

Color combination can be confusing, especially when you are not skilled. But with the help of Adobe Kuler, you can choose the perfect color palette for your artwork. You can choose from user generated colors, or you can make one of your own.

Concepts: Smarter Sketching

If an idea of a good design comes into your mind, you should quickly use Smarter Sketching to save it. With this tool, you can easily sketch and plan your ideas. You can easily save it and edit for later.

InstaLogo Logo Creator

A logo is the face of every business. Design a great logo by using InstaLogo Logo Creator. Choose from their library of fonts, shapes, and colors. Experiment and see which logo suits your company best.

Check these tools out if you have been dreaming of creating outstanding reports, layouts, images, presentations, and infograms. Designing becomes easier because of these tools, even for non-designers like you.

By day, Lace Wanders works as a blogger and a writer for bestessays au, and has been contributing articles for various websites. At night, she studies contemporary writing, while attending design classes.