20 Best WP SEO Plugins

No website can stay at desired ranking without understanding the importance of SEO in online world. That is the very reason why webmasters running their sites at wordpress blogging platform prefer to boost their SEO campaign by using specific WP SEO plugins. Here we have a great collection of best WP SEO plugins for enhanced performance of your site. Let’s have a look!

31 WordPress Backup Plugins (Free & Premium)

wp plugins for seo

1- Jetpack Publicize

This plugin from WordPress allows you as a blogger to share your new post with other social networking sites in an automatic manner. Till now, it allowed social comments, email subscriptions and stats only but its functionality has been increased with Jetpack 2.0. You will be surprised to see that the post you published just now is there on other social media that have been enabled by you.

2- W3 Total Cache

If you are a blogger using WordPress, you obviously want to have the visitors to your blog have a great experience. You can easily do so by getting inside the dash board of plugins on the website of WordPress and you find that not just user experience but also the performance of your site has been enhanced by way of caching.

3- Contact Form 7

Contact form 7 is a simple yet effective plugin from Word Press. The plugin adds flexibility to your website when it comes to form and mails. This plugin makes it possible for you to manage several contact forms at the same time while adding the functionality to handle captcha, spam filtering, uploading of files, and so on. After installing this plugin, your visitors will see a contact form and easily send messages to you.

4- WP-PageNavi

This is a simple plugin from wordpress that enhances SEO value of a blog as it makes it easier for the bots of search engines to have a clear look at all the blog posts. This is good if you have employed a fancy navigation system on the site. Also, there is no need to stick to the old system of older and newer entries on your blog once you have got this plugin installed as the visitor sees pages with numbers like other websites.

5- WordPress Popular Post

As the name implies, this plugin from WordPress is designed to make it possible for the visitors to your blog to have a look at the most popular of your blog entries. The popular posts get displayed on the right side of the page with the number of comments made by your visitors also displayed.

6- Yet Another Related Posts

This is a plugin that lets visitors get to content related to the post that they are reading.  This is to encourage readers to read other posts that provide him related information. This a wonderful plugin that can make the visitors stay longer on your website by making them read posts that they find interesting.

7- WordPress SEO by Yoast

This is a wordpress plugin that is known for its ability to optimize the page of a website for SEO purposes. In fact, this is one plugin that is the most complete plugin for the users of WordPress. This widget allows the owner of the blog to optimize the titles of the images, content on he page, and even Meta descriptions used by you on the blog.

8- Online Backup for Wordpress

If you have a wordpress blog, you would definitely love to have its backup. Yes, this is very much possible as online backup for wordpress is a plugin that makes a backup copy of the blog and its content completely free for the owner. With so much of time and effort required to create and run a blog these days, it makes sense to utilize this simple plugin to have a backup copy of your blog.

9- P3 (Plugin Performance Profiler)

This is a plugin from wordpress that looks after the performance of all plugins used by you. In fact, this plugin makes a profile of all the plugins and keeps track of their impact on the load time of your website. It has been seen that often a wordpress blog or website loads slowly because of use of many plugins or because they are not configured properly.

10- BreadCrumb NavXT

Are you interested in knowing here your visitors has been coming If yes, then breadcrumb NavXT is the plugin that is ideal for you. It creates a breadcrumb trail showing the pages through which the visitor has landed on your blog. This is a plugin that is also good for SEO purposes.

11- php Code Widget

How many times it has happened that you required to insert PHP in wordpress? It probably happens lots of times. There are many plugins that allow you to do so now but the neatness with which you can copy and paste php code widget and insert PHP in wordpress is just amazing.

12- WP-DBManager

If you are worried about the safety of your wordpress data, there are many good ways to make a backup copy of the data. However, none can match the simplicity and efficacy of the plugin called wp-dbmanager. As the name implies, this plugin backs up the wordpress database automatically and in a very quick manner.

13- Broken Link Checker

If you have a blog with broken links, you never realize how much it sucks the visitors and even the search engines. Broken link checker is a wonderful link checker that checks all the links and notifies you if it finds bad or broken links for you to take corrective action.

14- SEO Friendly Images

You may have made use of some very beautiful images in your blog but they are not noticed by search engines unless they have alt and title attributes. SEO friendly images is a plugin that adds these attributes to all the images you upload in your posts  so that they are noticed by Google and other search engines.

15- SEO Rank Reporter

If you remain concerned about the page rank of your blog all the time, just install this plugin on your wordpress blog and become free of all worries. This plugin tracks the rank given to your blog or site by Google and reports the data back to you every three days. This report is based upon your keywords and the data is provided in an easy to read chart.

16- WP No Category Base

There is a mandatory category base in wordpress but if you are a newbie, having your structure with category base is not a good idea. You can have this category base completely removed if you make use of WP No Category Base plugin. This way you can easily re-arrange your posts in future is there is such a requirement.

17- WP HTML Sitemap

If you want HTML sitemap for your blog, WP html sitemap is the plugin you must use in your blog. It is a kind of navigation that is helpful for not just human visitors but also the spiders of search engines. This is one sitemap generator that is downloaded by thousands of bloggers every day.

18- Social Author Bio

Author box is one of the most important parts of any blog as it adds a personal touch to the blog. If you are reading a blog and find the content useful, you are obviously interested in knowing more about the author. Social author bio is a wordpress plugin that quickly adds author bio to all your blog posts along with gravatar icons. It s now available with built in google author.

19- WPTouch

More and more mobile and tablet users are surfing the net these days. If you want your blog to reach all these new surfers easily, you must install the plugin called wptouch. This plugin creates a simple yet elegant mobile theme for your website making it accessible for all mobile surfers.

20- WPSmush.it

This handy plugin is used to compress images to load them faster. It is just perfect for those sites having lots of images. If you are already having plenty of images on your site, just install and activate it and run ‘bulk compress now’. It will compress all images and drastically improve the performance of your website.

Besides empowering your SEO campaign by installing these useful SEO plugins if you want to do proper SEO of your online business then you must consult a SEO firm to get professional help at affordable rate.