20 Budget Friendly Decorating Tips For Your Dream Home

Let’s face it; decorating your home is not something which you do quite often. Typically, a home is decorated before moving in and then over the years minor tweaking/maintenance is carried out regularly to keep the facade interesting and also to increase the life of the property. However, there are ways and means to beautify your dream home and that too without burning a big hole in your pocket. Does it sound unbelievable? Yes! Then read on to know the 20 budget friendly decorating tips for your dream home.

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Budget friendly decorating tips

1. Reinvent

As the name suggests you can modify the existing furnishing by literally reinventing them; a coffee table can be converted into a desk by adding drawers and a cabinet or modify your sofa to turn into an extra bed at night which means you can postpone buying new furniture. You not only add a new dimension to your home this way but also offer a new lease of life to your old furniture. This principle can be applied to other wooden furnishings, recreating them and thereby giving a fresh look to your habitat.

You just pay for the modification. Nothing more!

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2. Repaint and Refresh

One of the most popular tips for decorating your dream home without spending a fortune and that too quickly is to freshen up the walls with a new coat of paint, oil texture or stunning 3D wallpaper. You can experiment to your heart’s content. Once this task is finished the transformation will simply daze you. Be prepared to receive some wonderful comments from your neighbors, friends and relatives.

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3. Rasterize

Don’t just stare at the magazine pictures. Convert them into live pixels. Buy imitation accessories and wall hangings to deck up your foyer, passage, living room etc. Install a mirror near the entrance. Its reflection will create an illusionary effect, transforming the area into a much larger space than it is. Adorn walls with fabric hangings which could be an heirloom piece or bought from marketplace.

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4 Retro Frames

Do you have a blank, clean wall? Maybe you could create one below the stairway. Either way glamorize it with retro frames; typically black and while images and give you home a fresh look. You can also mount retro artifacts, family heirlooms, souvenirs etc.

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5. Refrain from Customization

Believe it or not but the fact is custom fixtures cost hundred times more than standard items. Whether it is a sofa, fabric, glass shelves or light fixtures; use standard products and save huge amounts of money in the process.

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6. Retain Interest

Add indoor hammock, fish tank, or even a self made tree house for your kid/s, a cheap way to enhance uniqueness and excitement in the house. Decals are yet other interesting elements which can add a touch of distinctness.

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7. Recession Free Arte-facts

There are certain home decors or items which have remained inflation free. Throw pillow, cheap carpets, blankets, sofa covers enhance glamour quotient as well as offer a new look. All these elements need not blend with other furnishings. On the contrary the more they clash the better. It gives your habitat a matchless ambiance. So go out and buy these cheap home decor rudiments.

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8. Rephrase Luminaries

An appropriately placed light fitting can change the look and feel of your home. Simply install a sconce to highlight a designer wall or gift your hallway pillar the admiration it demands or embellish your living room with a traditional chandelier. These fittings are not expensive and can be bought as standalone item, a great budget home decor option.

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9. Replace or Reuse?

Vanity sets, cabinets and other wooden fittings need not been replaced to deck up your surroundings. You can paint them, or get them polished with different shades of lacquer. Enhance it looks by fitting retro or contemporary door handles. Carve or etch the glass panes to give your furniture a rich look. All these tips are budget friendly.

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10. Rearrange Layout

Many a times by simply shuffling the furniture and rearranging it intelligently can work wonders for your home. If you hit the right note then be prepared to hear some appreciative comments.

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11. Refit

Redesign and redecorate your bathroom. Add tiny mosaic tiles which are available in stunning shades, textures and materials. They might not be cheap but definitely offer a budget customization option. It instantly transforms that area that portrays richness, class and distinct appeal.

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12. Restore

If you bought a home along with the furniture chances are they look faded and unexciting. Get these furnishings polished. Add metal concepts. Clean and oil the hinges. Rub brass and chrome parts with appropriate compounds to get back that lost sparkle. The same applies to upholstery and other artifacts.

13. Replenish

Replenish your home with elements such as shower curtains, window curtains, mats, broken glass panes, etc. Window curtains typically offers instant character switch.

14. Refinish

Apart from the walls, flooring is the next most important element of any home. If you really want to spruce up your living habitat give special attention to it. If they look worn out replace them with cheap laminates. Alternately, you can apply a fresh coat of polish and see the sparkle come back into your dream home.

15. Rethink

Rummage through garage sales, brick and mortar auction sales, online auctions, yard sales. You will be surprised to find some really cheap furniture and fittings. These items typically require minor attention to get back its lost sheen. As mentioned above don’t worry if they clash with the rest of the decor. Contrasting elements offer exclusive identity.

16. Rebates Galore

Discount sales outlets are some of the other resources which need to be tapped once in a while. Don’t be surprised if you find beautiful decorative home items at unbelievable prices.

17. Remember Dollar Stores?

Apart from dollar stores even thrift stores offer eye catching home furnishings and fittings at budget price.

18. Refurbish

Refurbish sofa, bedding, and window shades with inexpensive fabrics, linen or even non-woven fabrics. It is one of the cheapest ways to enhance the beauty of your home. Opt for pastel shades; a great way to make your habitat look spacious.

19. Reimburse

Replace missing lamp shades, chipped or broken decorative pieces, faulty lights and lamps, and see the difference it makes. Even an extra illumination changes the character of that place.

20. Regain

Wake up your inner creative side. Regain control of your designer instincts. Every person has ideas and you as an individual should exploit them to the fullest. Search through scrap lying in your spare room or garage. Don’t be afraid to experiment or get your hands dirty to create something inspiring.


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