20 Doormat Ideas to Decorate Your Home This New Year

We love doormats because they’re useful and practical, but also incredibly stylish. Throughout the holiday, homes should be adorned with holiday-inspired decorations, sparkly lights and merry accessories. How much can you afford to spend on decorating your dwelling for New Year? Sometimes, the greatest impact is made by the smallest details. Doormats are both cheap and trendy, not to mention that they’re meant to keep a home clean and fresh throughout the year.

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Before spending money on the cutest, funniest doormat that you can find, think of quality. Although design is important, you want your investment to be worthwhile, too. The best materials for doormats are coir and rubber because of their durability and power to scrape off grime and dirt from guests’ feet. In terms of size, shape and design, your choices are endless.

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Some homeowners prefer coir doormats with interesting messages like “Oh No! You Again!” or “Leave”; these are both funny and sarcastic, which is a sign that the homeowner has an excellent sense of humor. Here are 20 more door mat ideas you can use to beautify your home for the holidays.