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20 Examples of Successful Responsive Web Designs

Responsive web design in our days is a reality that can’t be underappreciated. It is a web design approach that is aimed at building websites to deliver an optimal viewing practice which would cover easy navigation and convenient reading with minimum of scrolling and resizing panning for a wide range of devices – from PC monitors to mobile phones. Additionally, Responsive Web Design, or RWD, if done right, can deliver very elegant solutions.

Basic Principles of Responsive Web Design

Generally RWD has basic principles that help it being effective:

Flexible Grids

The main idea – creation of liquid layout which will expand with a browser window layout;  targeted at mobile devices and PC web browsers; fluid grids measure the available area in terms of percentage values which enable it to adapt to any size and resolution of the subjected device.

Media Queries

It includes elements which allow the website to collect info about the visitor (device, its resolution etc.), that can be used to implement specific CSS3 styles to the website.

The Important Things on the Small Screens

The best pages for mobile devices are those that limit the content to the most important things, that’s why a good idea would be to design the smallest screen version first when building a RWD.

The Use of CSS

Us of CSS helps to adjust fonts, colors and icons by placing the styles for the smallest screen in the style sheet. All the styles can be placed in the same document, even in browsers not supporting CSS media queries – the last styles in the document will take effect. No special media queries are required.

Below are 20 examples of successfully built responsive designs worth following:

1. My Indieye

My Indieye


3. Starbucks


4. BBC


5. Notre Dame

Notre Dame

6. Microsoft


7. Heathlife


8. Andersson-Wise Architects

Andersson-Wise Architects

9. Food Sense

Food Sense

10. Kayak Capers

Kayak Capers

11. Fork


12. Easy Reader

Easy Reader

13. Glitch


14. Buildguild


15. Sleepstreet


16. Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine

17. An Event Apart

An Event Apart

18. Stephen Caver

Stephen Caver

19. Lynn and Tonic

Lynn and Tonic

20. Sasquatch Festival

Sasquatch Festival

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