20+ Hottest Trends in Curtaining for 2015

Bring more light into your personal space and decorate with curtains. Whether you want to revamp the living room or spice up the bedroom, it’s definitely worth trying out the latest trends. When was the last time you thought about window treatments? This may seem tough to grasp but decorating with curtains can turn become a design challenge and even a major investment when you don’t know what you’re doing. Fortunately, the following trends can help you bring your home back to life with curtains without spending a lot of money.

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Organic Materials

Organic materials for the curtains a hot trend right now. Natural woven shades made from matchstick and bamboo can beautifully complement any décor style. These are excellent in the kitchen because they make natural light become diffuse. You can see what’s happening outside without compromising on privacy.

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Fancy Blue

This summer season blue is the new black in home décor. It comes in a variety of soothing hues, from aquamarine and Deep Ocean to soft green and fancy turquoise. As for combos one can use for the window curtains, the bolder the better. Consider a blue, gold and orange palette with discreet patterns, and give your living room a royal allure.

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Luxury Fabrics

If you want to make your home appear modern, chic and even a bit extravagant, then you should decorate the windows with luxury fabrics. Damasks, velvets, leather, fur, and silks are all ideal choices. Curtains made of expensive materials will transform the simplest space into an opulent, fantastic environment. That’s exactly what you should aim for in the dining area for example.

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For some more ideas on decorating with designer fabrics, here are some pictures to help stimulate your imagination.