Kitchen Renovation Trends 2015; 27+ Ideas to Inspire

Renovating a kitchen is easier said than done. If a professional designs it for you the result might not live up to your expectations; if you design it, the whole remodeling can taken months. So what do you do? The smartest choice is to consult the most recent trends. You may not afford an interior decorator, but their guidelines are totally free online. Here are a couple of kitchen renovation trends you should check out for this year.

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Kitchens & Dining Rooms – the Merger

Get ready to tear down a wall as kitchens are no longer meant solely for cooking; they’re social spaces now. People chat in their kitchens, they dine, they organize parties and dinners, and they like to have a good time. That being said, you can forget all about your dining room. This year, the wall between the cooking space and the eating space is going down. The choice of furniture will have to change, too. You’ll need a bigger dining table, and probably a few more decorations to make the two rooms blend smoothly.

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All-White Kitchen Cabinets

Timeless, custom-made white cabinets are a resourceful, versatile selection for any type of kitchen. Whether yours is vintage-inspired or minimalistic, going for white cabinetry will work beautifully with any form of architectural style. White is a multi-functional color; it goes perfectly in combination with other nuances, it opens up a space and it creates a feeling of novelty. If you won’t want to spend money on new cabinets, repaint the ones you have. Painted kitchens smell so fresh and new; when the redecorating is done, you’ll feel like walking into a totally different room.

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Stainless Steel Appliances

Kitchen appliances made of stainless steel bring richness and sophistication into a space. Also, they work beautifully with all kinds of styles; the enticing silver lines of steel stoves, refrigerators and even waste bins, will give your kitchen an urban feel. Everything will look polished and modern.

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Special Work Zones

Kitchen work zones are specially-designed corners with a basic function. For example, you can have an area dedicated for baking and coffee making etc. If you’re a coffee drinker, invest in a top quality espresso machine. Purchase cups and various assortments of coffee, and place all these on the countertop. But make sure the zone selected is exclusively made for coffee. This way, your kitchen looks polished, organized and chic.

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Walk-in Pantry

Walk-in pantries are in trend. Apart from being incredibly functional, they’re also cool and ingenious. Families with kids should allot a special space for this type of room; and if your kitchen is spacious enough, you can afford to sacrifice a couple of square meters to build a pantry. Just imagine how simple it will be to access baking supplies, snacks, paper towels, canned goods, and other groceries from now. Everything you need to make dinner will be right at your fingertips, behind those closed doors.

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High-Tech Kitchens

As technology advances, homeowners are looking at their kitchens with a whole new set of eyes. They want to stay connected even when they cook or do the dishes. High-tech kitchens are packed with new-generation appliances and electronics. Wall-mounted TVs, tablets, sound systems, and smart appliances are in high demand these days. So what if you can’t make chocolate fondue? You’ll have your iPad ready to help you find the best recipe and bake the most delectable dessert for your family and friends.

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Open Shelves

Open shelves bring kitchens life. Why should you hide beautiful china behind a closed cabinet when you can display it for everyone to admire? This ingenious trend is extremely practical, too. You can put plates, mugs and even pots on the shelves; in between, add a few flower pots just to lighten your kitchen’s mood and create balance.

This year’s newest kitchen renovation trends are deeply connected to convenience. Homeowners want kitchens they can use without creating a mess. That’s not impossible to achieve as long as your space is properly organized. Even the smallest kitchens can look spacious; you just have to learn to decorate. Get your inspiration from the web as there are many tutorials that can help, or better yet, if you can afford an interior decorator don’t hesitate to ask for professional guidance.