25 Best Collaboration Tools for Web Designers and Web Developers

It is key for designers and developers to have a convenient and reliable way to share their projects with the rest of the team. In order to do this, these people rely on collaboration tools that provide a number of people with real-time changes to the project. This means that if one side makes any changes, the rest of the team will be notified about this and will instantly see the new version of the code. If you are looking for a reliable collaboration tool for your next project, then keep on reading, because you are about to see 25 of the best collaboration tools for web designers and developers.

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This is a paid tool, but it is fairly affordable – the cheapest package costs $4.00/month while the most expensive one is $20.00/month. For this money you’ll get a very fast and convenient spreadsheet and database platform that will quickly distribute the most recent changes to all members of your team. Depending on the plan you choose, you’ll get a specific file storage size and some extra features.

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If your team has less than 5 members, then this tool may be the best choice for you. It is completely free if it is used by 5 or less users, and you need to pay just $5.00/month for unlimited users. This application will serve you well if you are planning to develop a new product or if you just want to prepare a task schedule and keep it organized.

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This is undisputedly one of the most multi-functional collaboration tools on the market. Its price depends on the payment plan you select, but you can be sure that even the most affordable plan will suit your needs. Zoho comes pre-loaded with a wide range of functions and features that allow you to develop all kinds of products or manage your team’s projects. One of the most interesting features of Zoho is video conferencing, so you can keep in touch with all members of your team and quickly discuss everything related to your projects.

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Mind Meister

The main purpose of this tool is to plan your projects and include details about every stage of the process, but it also features some great options that are common for collaboration tools. While this is not one of the favorite applications of developers, some of you may still find it quite helpful and easy-to-use.

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Time Bridge

If you are having a hard time organizing yours and your team’s schedule, then Time Bridge will certainly help you. Install the tool, add details about your free hours and the numbers and emails of your coworkers, and the application will start working for you. It will automatically email them or send them an SMS asking when they have time to meet you. After this, it will review the answers and organize the meeting. Also, it can remind everyone on the list about the upcoming meeting.

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Google Groups

Google Groups allows you to create a group for your team. All members of this team will be able to ask questions, write answers, include helpful resources, and do a bunch of other stuff. If you want to be able to quickly discuss everything with your team, then Google Groups will certainly help you keep in touch with all members.

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Google Docs

The basic version of Google Docs is completely free, but you can also pay a monthly subscription in order to get access to some handy features. The platform can be used on smartphones, and you can share all kinds of files with your coworkers – documents, spreadsheets, database files, presentations, etc. This is undisputedly one of the tools that have a bright future ahead of it.

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Group Zap

This is a free application that provides you with unlimited storage space, and a handful of helpful features. Unfortunately, it can’t be integrated with other platforms, but it compensates for this with reliability, speed and convenience. Thanks to Group Zap, you can leave sticky notes, organize group chats, password protect specific files, and create groups and assign permissions to each group.

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This is one of the favorite tools of web designers. You can share images and templates, get feedback for them, and of course – work on them with your team. The newest version of Cage allows you to assign tasks, approve/disapprove files, and manage projects.

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If you are working with a large team, and you have difficulties arranging your email messages, then this app is the perfect choice for you. Betty is a web application that quickly organizes all your email messages, attachments, chronologies, and allows you to quickly remove all messages from a specific address.

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Media Wiki

This is the platform that powers Wikipedia, so you should expect a simple and convenient tool that does exactly what you expect it to do – create documents, allow multiple parties to change all files, include links, set hierarchies and work from absolutely anywhere. This platform can be used from smartphones and just about any internet browser, so you can access it from absolutely anywhere.

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This is one of the best tools if you want to have a simple chat with all your coworkers. Apart from group chats, CampFire also allows you to upload files, share files, create subgroups, assign custom permissions and give you access to several other helpful features. The best thing is that all this happens from your browser, so you don’t need to download any tools.

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Discussing projects is made easy with Present.io. This helpful web application allows you to create groups and upload up to 100MB of files without signing-in with your account. All files you upload can be accessed by your coworkers and they can comment on them. And if someone doesn’t have access to the Internet, they can leave an MP3 voicemail via their phone.

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Dim Dim

Meeting up with your coworkers and team can cost a lot of money, but you can avoid all these additional costs by using a piece of software like DimDim. This tool allows you to upload presentations that can be later viewed simultaneously by up to 20 people. Each one of the viewers can leave a comment, ask a question, etc.

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If you work with a lot of text files that need to be corrected by everyone on your team, then Textflow can save you a lot of time. This tool allows you to create a group and upload files that are only visible to members of this group. After someone makes any changes to the document, you’ll be automatically notified and the app will offer you to show the recent changes. If you receive a document with more than one correction, then you can select which ones you want to approve and which ones to disapprove.

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This is another tool that web designers love. It allows you to upload *.PSD files which can then be downloaded and re-uploaded by every member who has access to them. There is also a comment and rating system for all .PSD files, so you can receive quick feedback from all members of your team.

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This tool is very similar to Draftboard, but it doesn’t work with .PSD files. Instead, you can upload images, text files and documents which can be than rated and commented on by your team. This is a great tool for both, developers and designers who want to keep their team updated with the latest changes, and receive feedback for their work.

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This is one of the best file sharing and annotating tools you can find. It supports all kinds of images and documents, so you can share just about everything with your team. The tool features a user-friendly and simplified interface that doesn’t lack any functions. The tool can be used alongside Flickr, Google Drive, Instagram and a wide range of other services. In short, this is a great collaboration tool if you are looking for simplicity and efficiency.

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Marqueed is a simple, but functional image-sharing tool that includes a comment and rating system. It is completely free, and allows you to quickly upload one and more images and make them available to the public. You can add descriptions and labels to your images, and add images by dragging & dropping them from the other websites.

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Stixy is a simple and functional collaboration tool that allows you to create projects and share them with your co-workers or specific groups of people. All files included in the project can be labeled, commented on, and rated. All members working on the project can also add notes to it and quickly contact the rest of the team.

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If you want to manage several projects in the same time, and work with different teams, then BinFire is probably the best choice for you. This project management tool comes with a wide range of features that will make your life a lot easier. It is preferred by thousands of web developers and designers, because of its functionality, reliability and speed.


If you want to discuss something with your team, then Scribblar will help you set-up a chat room and invite members to it. Not only this, but this tool fully supports audio messages, so you can either leave ‘voicemail’ to your colleagues, or create a conference call with them.


Producteev is free if you want to work on small projects with a smaller team. However, you’ll need to pay $20/month if you want to take advantage of the platform’s full functionality and work on larger projects. This tool can be integrated with Google’s services and with just about any social network, so it is incredibly easy to share, rate and comment all work files. Producteev can be also used to create schedules, assign tasks and manage entire projects.


If you want to check this tool’s functions, then you’ll be glad to know that there is a 45 day free trial. After the trial period ends, you’ll need to pay a minimum of 20$/month for the platform’s features. You’ll get storage space based on your plan, access to a wide range of features and tools, full integration with smartphones and several other tools. Basecamp is one of the most complete collaboration applications, and you should definitely check it out if you want to work in a professional environment that doesn’t lack any features and functions.