25 Ways of Using Glass to Create Unusual Decorative Features

Believe it or not, emptiness has its purpose as far as interior design is concerned. In order to make barrenness seem attractive, homeowners should invest in decor pieces meant to add a touch of modernism without cluttering a space too much. Glass is an excellent type of material we can use to make our homes look contemporary, stylish, and lively. Its transparency welcomes natural light, which means it’s excellent in limited, dark spaces.

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A table made of glass for example, can make a room appear extremely dramatic. Dining rooms need a showpiece, and as a result you can always amaze your guests with a striking glass table. As for living rooms and kitchens, there are other decorative elements made of glass you can use to add a touch of minimalism.

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Chairs with glass seat backs for example, are truly innovative. They’re excellent in the kitchen, as well as in the dining room. For the hallway you can always opt for glass consoles tables. They’re brilliant decor pieces meant to bring more light into your home. Adaptable and traditionally used in living rooms too, consoles tables are available in compact sizes. They’re stylish and the wide variety of styles will completely change your home’s appeal.

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Featuring smooth glass tops and rococo curves, consoles tables look beautiful against walls painted in darker shades. In combination with stainless steel and wood, glass works perfectly in both traditional and contemporary homes. Let’s have a closer look at some really nice interior decor items made of glass.

1. Columbine Console Table

2. Liberty Console Table

3. Fitzroy Console Table

4. Versailles Console Table

5. Sienna Console Table

6. Manhattan Console Table

7. Capricorn Oval Dining Table

8. Opera Round Dining Table

9. Mercury Rectangle Dining Table

10. Liberty Round Dining Table

11. Exe Round Dining Table

12. Apollo Coffee Table

13. Madison Coffee Table

14. Opera Coffee Table

15. Mercury Coffee Table

16. Post Modern Coffee Table

17. Columbine Round Coffee Table

18. Atlantic Coffee Table

19. Liberty Side Table

20. Lexington Square Lamp Table

21. Albany Round Lamp Table

22. Apollo Square Lamp Table

23. Manhattan Square Lamp Table

24. Opera Round Lamp Table

25. Capricorn Square Lamp Table