27+ Ideas for Eclectic Home Decor

Interior design became changeable category, especially when it comes to furniture styles that should be followed, since particular forms and shapes turn the entire space into specific indoor scenery. On the other side house owners are sometimes indecisive when they have to choose one theme to be included in their living space, and the situations when they just adore different furniture types and want all of them inside their houses, require great skills in order to successfully combine various items.  If you’re going through similar experience or if you search for some useful advices to help you mix your furniture so the space looks attractive, check out 27+ Ideas for Eclectic Home Decor given below:

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Follow Shapes and Contours

The truth is that you don’t have to be an expert to make furniture pieces look as one harmonious entirety even if you have different styles within your house. You won’t make a mistake if you stick to similar or same lines, shapes and forms and let them prevail in the majority of items you placed within the room. You can arrange your living room so it contains old fangled sofa and modern armchairs which both have round edges, or if you have coffee table based on linear shape, insert similarly formed stools, regardless if they are not from the same “era”. This can also easily be applied on different chairs you possess, so if you were shaking your head trying to figure out how to arrange them.

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Find Out How to Mix Furniture Materials

In case your furniture differs in materials, it would be useful to discover which one supports another one, so it creates extraordinary mutual combination. To secure balanced appearance you should pair complementary materials, so if you prefer wooden furniture, bear in mind that oak surfaces match greatly with mahogany, while bamboo and maple can excellently work together, but you shouldn’t combine them with first two materials. Anyway, you can successfully match timber with stone and leather items, as long as they remain within similar textures and shades.

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Combine Styles to Make Eclectic Look

When you face with various furniture types within the house, you’ll be delightful to mix them all into wonderful eclectic interior. To do so, arrange the furniture pieces so they contrast each other, and you can, for example pair wooden and metal stuff, simple and extravagant themes and shapes along with bold and neutral colours. Combination of old and new is particularly welcome, so if you find vintage armchair or footstool, bring it together with couch in modern classic style. Make it more convincing by merging Victorian grandiosity with subtle French chic, or just stick to simplicity by setting conventional furniture characterized with diversity of patterns and colours.

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Make Cohesion with Repeating

Building a stylish harmony within living premises by using different kinds of furniture hides simple tricks that create sense of visual compatibility, even when you think it’s almost impossible. One of the useful tricks you can apply is repetition, meaning that you should distribute same patterns, colours, textures or shapes on different furnishing items, so they actually exude the spirit of one unique interconnection. So if you have interestingly patterned or coloured upholstery, try to pair it with similar design of wallpapers or decorative stuff, or just keep your walls blank and add painting reflecting equal patterns and nuances.

Don’t get confused if your furniture belongs to different styles, you can unify them by repeating same fabrics and colours which you can eventually match with compatible items staggered meaningfully within the room. In case you like to have few smaller rugs within the room, don use identical types, but include different ones with repeating themes or colours on them. Look for rugs online to immediately choose those which fit your desired appearance.

Use Decor to Make Connections

There’s nothing what can conjoin multiform furniture into extraordinary ambient, as carefully picked decorations. Use cushions, vases, wall lanterns and beddings to make bridges between diverse furniture. Try to make it as simpler as possible so you don’t get stuck with too many details within one room.

Once you get into combining various furniture styles, you’ll realize that apart from opportunity to reflect creativity on your living space, you have a chance to create unique home oasis that best fits your needs and personality.