30 Outstanding Mockup Templates for Folder Designs [Download]

Looks can be deceiving… but that’s not always a bad thing. When you see a great-looking picture of a presentation folder online, you might not always be looking at an image of an actual presentation folder. It might be a rendered mockup, created to fool you into thinking it’s a real three dimensional object (when it’s actually just a highly convincing template).

Folder mockup templates allow designers the opportunity to share and present their designs without having to spend the time and money to have them printed and photographed. In fact, mockup templates for folder designs often produce better-looking results than the real thing because they can employ dramatic angles, high-definition close-ups and other techniques that would be difficult to pull off in real life.

The following selections represent the cream of the crop—the most impressive and unique folder mockup templates available for download.

Brochure/Folder Mock-Up

A4 Brochure/Folder Mock-Up ($6)

Free Folder PSD Mock-ups

Vinter Olsen Stationary Branding Mock-Up ($6)

Corporate File Folder Mock Ups ($5)

Dual Stacked Presentation Folders Mockup Template

Stationery Branding Mock-Up ($9)

DVD & Envelope Mockup

Stacked Low Angle Folder Mockup Template

A4 Document Folder Mockup ($5)

Brochure Folder Sheets Mock Up ($7)

Casual Spread Presentation Folders Mockup Template

Photorealistic Stationery Closeup Mockup ($13)

Branding / Identity Mockup

Front and Back Folder Mockup Template

Stationery/Branding Mock-Up #2 ($9)

Key Card Holder Mock-Up ($7)

Stacked Presentation Folders Mockup Template

DO­A Pocket Folder Mock Up Set ($5)

File Folder Mock-Up/Document Folder Mock-Up ($7)

Front Open Folder Mockup Template

Stationery File Folder Mockup ($17)

Corporate File Folder Mock Ups Vol_1.2 ($8)

Upper Tent Position Folder Mockup Template

Stationary/File Folder Mockup vol. 3 ($7)

File Folder / Document Folder Mock-up ($8)

Inside View Two Pocket Folder Mockup Template

Free Stationery Mockup PSD

Branding/Stationery Mockup ($13)

Free PSD Template: Presentation Folder Mockup


Folder Mockup Templates

Freebie: Folder Mockup Templates


Final Thoughts

Many of these featured templates allow you to customize your mockup by adding a background texture. Adding a photorealistic texture (such as wood grain or tile) to your mockup can help it look more like a real photo and less like a computer rendering. The more realistic your mockup, the more likely it is to impress both present and future clients.

Have you used any of these folder mockups in the past? Know of any other great design mockups? Share your thoughts in the comments below.