3D Art Photography: A Look into the Future

From the beginning of photography, inventors have continually tried different methods to create 3D images. Some of the earliest 3D cameras were created in the 1980s with the Stereopticon. This machine broadcast photographs by projector onto a screen, and was actually the precursor to movie technology. Later on, the View-Master and other 3D photo devices made everyday photographs appear in 3D.

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Current 3D Photograph Technology

Today, we are as obsessed with 3D technology as we have ever been. 3D movies and video games are popular with today’s techies, and 3D photographs are not far behind. In fact, they have already arrived in some form. Fugi, and a few other companies, have already released 3D cameras. These cameras can actually photograph images in 3D using CCD sensors.

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What is even more impressive about these cameras is that the 3D images taken by the camera can be viewed without the need for glasses or other technology. Just like the new 3D games, you can see the images in 3D without wearing glasses. This opens up a whole new world for 3D technology. When the 3D photos are viewed in a 3D compatible screen, the images become even more impressive. The shots look like the images in the movies where time freezes and you can view a complete 3D image frozen in time.

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Right now, 3D technology enables the viewer to capture a moment in time unlike ever before. When traveling on a trip, you can truly bring back some of the feelings and experiences to friends and family waiting at home. A shot of a waterfall, for example, really looks as if you are standing right next to the waterfall and only lacks the smell of the water and the feel of the spray on your skin to make you feel like you are there.

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Technology of the 3D Future

So what does this mean for 3D technology? It simply means that we are closer than ever to being able to create real 3D and virtual reality environments in our home. Within a few years, it may be possible to project a 3D image of anything into a room and make it feel as if you are in that location, from anything to the deck of a ship to the deep of a hidden Amazonian jungle. An art photography gallery will no longer be a simple experience of looking at photographs, but will make it feel as if you were right there with the photographer when she got the shot.

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It is not difficult to imagine what 3D photography can do in the future. After all, we have been waiting for true 3D technology for decades, and we are just now catching up to our imaginations. Who knows where the technology will lead, but for now, it is one of the most awesome experiences in the world to look at an image in 3D on a TV screen or with the naked eye. Soon, 2D images may be a thing of the past just like rotary phones.