4 Eclectic Design Ideas for Your Bathroom

Generally speaking, eclectic design represents a mixture of different styles which are combined so as to create a unique look, marked for matching two sides of the extreme: the old and the new. In order to follow this style, you can mix old furniture with the new, adding all the things you cherish profoundly. And what is best, you can use it in whatever place in your home. You can start with your bathroom and then spread the ideas all around your home. Below you will find ideas and key steps for converting your bathroom into eclectic one.

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Harmonious Design

Even though eclectic bathroom implies a heterogeneous combination of things, you should however focus on one thing – find a focal point in your bathroom and do not overdo it by not combining many objects with your focal point. Find balance between walnut cabinets and the contemporary shower by adding walnut knobs on the shower door or walnut toilet lid, or combine glass shower enclosure with a creative glass lighting – put the mirror at the centre of the window. If your focal point is the tub, make it a unique one by putting it at the centre of the room and make the bathroom more vivid by colouring it personally.

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Unique Tiles

Eclectic style can be easily achieved by making the right choice of tiles. Investing into quality pieces such as ceramic glazed in multicoloured patterns would be an excellent choice. If you plan to spread the eclectic style all around your home, then choose a unique style which you will later match with the furniture and the overall idea you plan to incorporate in your home. If you want your tiles to be the focal point, then you must choose them wisely. Consider various brands for quality – durability is the most important factor you should consider. You can combine tiles with specific wallpaper that can withstand water and humidity, such as vinyl wallpaper. If you plan to glue it yourself, you should invest in a strong industrial adhesive which will endure high moisture.

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Innovative Fixtures

Eclectic design allows you to avoid using plain white bathroom fixtures. Instead, you can visit specialised stores that can provide you with a plethora of innovative fixtures which you can install in your bathroom and show them off with pride. And here is a fun tip: try thrift shopping, because you never know what you can bump into. And do not stop yourself there. You can go and look for a modern round tub, or a stone tub, such as marble or limestone. Invest into a unique white vanity island. Combine it with dark blue or black marble tiles to compensate for all the bright colouring and there you have it – a perfect, unique eclectic bathroom.

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Vintage + Modern

The key concept in eclectic style is the mixture of the old and the new. Even though this may seem as a difficult a task, it is fairly easy to achieve. Try to bring old home charm into your bathroom by installing a freestanding white tub in your master bath. Call your plumber to see if they can install a tub filler that comes through the floor instead of the modern wall plumbing. Combine this central point with a modernist artwork and character your space. Install a ceiling-mount showerhead and combine it with a wooden vanity below the sink. However, check if your ceiling is well-insulated because the attic or the upper floor may not withstand the humidity that this showerhead brings.

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And finally, you should remember that the point of eclectic style is not only using one small old item with a plethora of new ones. Finding the right combination, such as open ceiling combined with brickwork, will be a perfect fusion of retro and contemporary. If you do not plan to spread this style around the house, then make sure that your bathroom matches the style of the rest of your home, such as the master bedroom, or the small bathroom. You can even use the same style in both bathrooms, the master one and the small one. This will make your visitors stand in awe with the creativity you have introduced to your home.