4 Efficient Uses of InkJet Printers for Manufacturing Success

From manufacturing to general office work, knowing what goes where is the key to running a business smoothly. This is why manufacturers like Carpenter’s Time Systems create handheld InkJet printers that make the process of labeling and categorizing products easier. Here are some efficient uses for the various types of InkJet printers available.

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InkJet Printers Uses


Creating scannable barcodes for your business just got a lot easier with handheld InkJet printing barcode machines. These machines stamp a highly readable barcode onto nearly any surface, from cardboard boxes and shipping containers to individual product packaging. The benefit of a handheld printer that prints barcodes is that it expedites both the assembly and packaging processes without taking up space.

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Whether you are looking for a way to identify supplies around your office or to professionally label the products you sell, handheld InkJet printers let you label items without carrying around heavy machinery. On-the-go labeling capabilities are also helpful for artisans and small businesses that travel to different sales with products and need to price products on the road. The compact design makes a handheld unit easy to store for later use.

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Expiration Dates

Accurate expiration dates are essential for any perishable goods business, and a handheld InkJet printer lets you input a digital expiration date and stamp products in seconds. From food container caps and cartons to paper labels, having the ability to print accurate expiration dates quickly makes it easy to educate consumers, rotate products and use older supplies before they expire.

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Time Stamps

Time stamps serve as a helpful reminder of when a product was created. When placed above a UPC, time stamps also make it easy to locate a batch of products in the event of a recall or price change. A handheld printer gives small businesses with hand-packaged items the opportunity to provide consumers with the same level of product detail as large companies.

A handheld printer can provide your business with significant freedom. Whether you need to price items quickly or add assembly-line style expiration dates to products, there are a variety of practical uses for these printers.