4 Handy Strategies for eCommerce Personalization

The number of online retailers has increased and so has the number of online shoppers. Ecommerce businesses are thriving but, the competition is also at its peak. An online merchant cannot just sit back and expect miracles for his site. He has to know and understand his customers and personalize their shopping experience. Personalization is the current trend that’s ruling ecommerce market. Industry experts predict that ecommerce personalization is going to be the next big thing of online retail business.

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But, in spite of the ample opportunities and methods provided by Internet, most online retailers fail to furnish this experience. A major reason for this failure is lack of proper strategies. Online merchants need to understand that there are better ways of getting customers’ attention other than emails. There are better ways to do so. Here are four strategies for ecommerce personalization to provide excellent shopping experience for online customers.


ecommerce personalization


# Start with Top Selling Products

Personalized shopping experience cannot be provided without customers’ interaction. But, you cannot do so by sending emails all of a sudden or popping irrelevant questions on the site. As a store owner, it is extremely important for you to know the starting point. So, start with the best-selling products. Check the sections that are returning maximum revenues and then focus on the products. Use these sections and products as conversation initiators.

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After every purchase, put a feedback form. Ask customers to describe their shopping experience and request them to mention their concerns. Make them feel how important they are and they’ll surely come back for the second time. This will also help you in bonding with your customers.


# Pay Attention to Location

This is one important area which is neglected by many store owners. Location does matter because it affects the shopping behavior of customers. For example, people living in tropical regions may be more interested in products that can prevent sun burn and remove sun tan while people living in rugged regions would look for good shoes. Knowing your customers’ locations can help you in predicting their behavior which in turn can help you to direct them to the right products.

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If your site gets more visitors from tropical regions, then you can create engaging content for the concerned products. Your customer may or may not make a purchase, but if the content can manage to make them scroll down, then that definitely increases the chance of sales.



# Offer Right Things at the Right Time

People purchase more during festivals, and every store owner makes maximum use of this opportunity. But, an online merchant should offer right things at the right time. Do not highlight Halloween products on Christmas. During Christmas, people look for chic, decorative stuffs, and if you have such stuffs in your stock, then you’re sure to strike gold. However, in order to make this strategy successful, you need to know your customers’ requirements.

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During festivals, insert a pre-purchase form. Use this form to collect information on stuff your customers want in addition to the main products. Recommendations may contain products similar to the ones that the customer has bought. Hence, utilize festive seasons to create relevant experiences for your customers.


# Engage Your Customers with Live Chat

The essence of personalization lies in engaging your customers, and the best way to do so is direct interaction. For online store owners, this stands as a big obstacle in providing a personalized shopping experience to their customers. But, that should not stop store owners from trying their best. Live chat is an intriguing feature, and online merchants should definitely keep this one.


An online store may be well designed to provide seamless shopping experience, but with so many products at hand, a customer may need someone for help. In this scenario, a live chat can be extremely helpful. Providing assistance will not only delight your customers, but it will also boost their confidence and foster loyalty.

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Personalizing customer experience can serve as sales pipelines for your ecommerce store. This is the one thing that can keep your online business growing because optimal customer experience is the only thing that will bring more customers to your online shop.

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