4 Things to Consider for Choosing the Right Cell Phone Monitoring Software

Mobile phone monitoring has increased in the last couple of years and this is owing to:

  • The increased number of mobile phone monitoring software
  • Increased awareness of the benefits of monitoring software

Cell phone monitoring prevents you from consistently worrying about your employees or children doing the right thing.

Monitoring software also saves you money, because whereas before you had to move from one place to another to track your employees’ or children’s movements, with software, you can do that without having to incur any fuel expenses.

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There are certain things you should look for when buying software for mobile phone monitoring. These include:

Recording and Reporting Capabilities

The software needs to be good at logging and reporting activities on a mobile phone. This is because you might be too busy for real time monitoring and will need to access the reports later.

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Be sure that the software is not limited to some activities only. Voice calls, messaging, internet browsing, content and media uploaded and downloaded, images sent and received and social media activity should all be captured in the activity log.

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Additionally, the application should be able to track movement via GPS and provide a log of such movements.

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Cell phone activity logs are an objective tool to use when discussing employee performance as the evidence they provide cannot be disputed. Your field based employees will no longer skim off work time and bill you for hours they have not worked because you will always have evidence.

Control of Material Viewed

When it comes to monitoring your children’s cell phone activity, your concern is to protect them by preventing them from accessing certain sites.

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You can block web addresses for sites that you do not want them to access. Good software should notify you if your kids search topics that you have prohibited such as cults, violence, drugs, pornography or gambling.

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You can also put a block on online purchases to avoid scenarios where your child uses your credit card to transact online.

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As children are naturally curious, you and your child should have an honest discussion about your intentions. Otherwise, your actions will be counterproductive as kids can access the internet on their friends’ phones or at an internet café.

Security Features

The software you choose to use should provide you with alerts if the SIM card on the phone is changed. There are phones that do not allow the SIM card to be removed. You should probably issue such phones to your children.

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Security features such as GPS also protect the phone as you can locate it in case it is stolen.

Customer Support

After sales service is important to have in case you need assistance with any aspect of the software.

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Choose a service that uses chat or telephone support as you will be assured of immediate assistance.

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Companies that operate on ticketing systems might take long to provide solutions as they operate on a ticket queue.

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