4 Tips to Consider When Creating a Business Website

In recent years there has been a definite shift in how manufacturing-based companies use websites to promote their products. The main reason why anyone pays a visit to a manufacturer’s website is to get good detailed product information. The quality of this information and the ease with which they can gather it is vital in ensuring that that they buy from you and not move on to a competitor.

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In the past many manufacturing firms have been guilty of not recognising the importance of a website as a marketing tool. Here are four tips to take into account when creating a business website.


As with any website promoting any type of business, good design is crucial. It needs to be visually stimulating and eye-catching in order to keep the attention of the customer. Having a professional layout is essential if you want customers to bookmark your page and come back at a later date.

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The most important thing from a customer’s point of view is that your site provides them with concise information about your products. You should showcase your manufacturing and processes as this will give the buyer a level of understanding of the products you make and the quality you can deliver. For example, if you use modern production techniques such as CNC control software to control the quality of the automation process you should highlight this as it will give the customer confidence. When writing the content on your page consideration should be given to keywords in order to maximise search engine optimisation.

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Your customers will want to explore your products and services in a variety of different ways. Using virtual tools is a good way of giving the customer a feel of how your product operates; if you are in the construction field a customer might like to take a tour around a house you have constructed by clicking a mouse rather than just flicking through photos of it.

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Provide Downloadable CAD Drawings

Another great way of giving customers an opportunity to simulate your products is to provide downloadable computer aided design (CAD) files. This allows a customer to ensure that your product is a good fit and greatly speeds up the buying process by eliminating the need to recreate a file based on specs and dimensions.