4 Web Design Trends to Consider for Your Upcoming Logo Project

Web design trends come and go, with hot elements of last year fading into obscurity as soon as the next big thing pops up. Some of the trends fade away quickly, while others end up being a popular design elements for years to come. When your clients come up to you and want to get their hands on a logo that lasts, figuring out what’s hot right now, and what will end up fading into obscurity by next week is a valuable skill. A logo represents the face of the company and is one of the most recognizable elements in the business’s marketing collateral, so putting the time and effort into the best logo possible is a must to keep your clients coming back for more.

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Fixed Header Bars

Hongkiat reports that the fixed header is a popular design element getting put into virtually every type of site out there. A fixed header scrolls the header along with your visitor, so the navigation and logo are front and center no matter where they are on the site. This gives you a lot of time for your logo to make a great impression, but it’s also a design element to consider because what they see is going to be right in front of their face the entire time. For these types of sites, design something that is distinctive, but not jarring. Logo Garden logo maker and other creation software give you a way to easily change colors around so you can set a long term viewing palette.

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The Minimalist Movement

Minimalism in web design has been a trend for quite some time, so if you’re looking for a logo design that’s sure to last a long time, going with the minimalist style is the way to go. In most cases, this means a logo that is entirely compromised of text, although some amazing graphical minimalist logos are floating around. Less is more when it comes to this design style, and when you’re aiming to pull this off well, ever single bit of the logo needs to be perfect. There’s less to look at, so any imperfection is going to be virtually glaring in the client’s face.

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The Creative Market Blog has found that many companies are incorporating the navigation icon that indicates your location, calling it the “Here” trend. This works well for companies who base their businesses around travel, navigation, and other elements that involve getting someone to and fro. Outside of the stylistic icon, these logos tend to be somewhat simple in nature.

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The Ribbon

Designs that incorporate ribbons are another major trend, with the Mall of American logo leading the way. This logo looks fantastic, and it has a distinctive style that really sets the tone for the brand. It’s got a flow and movement that you won’t see in many other types of logos, as the ribbon element makes you feel the movement even though there isn’t any.

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This style pulls upon a coat of arms element, where the swords are crossed in the background. The logos might not represent a house, but this is a powerful and compelling design element that works very well in a variety of situations and for wide array of clients.

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