5 Amazing Design Ideas for Sales Page You Must Know About

If you know anyone who makes great money on the Internet you’ll probably know that it comes down to traffic. That’s not the only thing that guarantees success, but it’s definitely the most important. When people have a sales page it might only convert at 10%. Sometimes it’s even worse and hovers around 3-4%. These percentages might seem low to you, but you need to understand that it’s not easy making sales. There’s no way you could expect one hundred people to land on your sales page and every one of them to make an order. I don’t want to say it’s impossible, but it’s as close to impossible as you can get.

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If you want to reach a figure like 10% it will take a lot of hard work and tweaking. If you have a conversion percentage below 1% it doesn’t really matter how much traffic you have, you’re going to struggle to become rich. That means your main goal should be to increase the conversion rate as much as possible before you worry about sending millions of traffic to it. Sending traffic to a sales page that doesn’t convert is the same as throwing money down the drain. The design of your sales page is the first thing you need to look at, so let’s do it.

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design tips for sales page

The Headline Must be Perfect

The headline will be the first thing someone will read. There will only be a certain percentage of people ever get past this stage, but the difference could mean becoming rich or selling your home. You obviously have to test many different headlines to see which one converts the best, but when you’re thinking of ones to use they should be short and snappy. They should appeal to a problem or desire. Perhaps you could even ask a question, because if someone wants to know the answer they will need to read on.

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One Line Leads to the Next

When people read your headline it should make them read the line below. Think of this as a video game. Each line only has one purpose and that’s to get them to read the one below it. Each line is a level and when a visitor reads each line you are moving onto the next level. You only complete the game when the visitor reads all the way down to the bottom and buys your product. It doesn’t matter if you have something magical on line 30, because if they don’t get that far they will never see it.

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Can You Make a Good Video?

A lot of sales pages are now using video instead of text. They haven’t decided to swap tactics because they were too lazy to write something, but because the video has sent their conversion rate soaring. You really need to test a video out otherwise you could be throwing away sales that you could have made. It doesn’t mean a video will always convert better than a long sales page, but if using one could increase your conversions by even 5% you’d be foolish not to test it.

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Keep Your Copy Tight

If you have a look at any sales page you can easily spot one you wouldn’t want to read without even knowing what it says. That’s because the line length is very long and the text is small. Tighten it up a little so that the text is large enough to read and the line length is short enough to make us think it’s an easy read. We’ve already talked about how you need to get people down to the next line and part of that is keeping the lines short.

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Ask People to Buy

Asking people to buy doesn’t just mean you should write it in words, although that’s very important. Asking people to buy also means having enough ‘buy now’ buttons on the page and having them large enough that people can see them. A sure fire way to reduce your conversion rate is making people search for a link to the payment page. Don’t think you’re product is that special. Make it too easy for them and the rest will take care of itself.

So what are you waiting for, just apply these design ideas for sales page and see the difference yourself!

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