5 Awesome Tools to Develop Multi-Platform Mobile Applications

One’s capability to develop a multi-platform mobile applications is highly optimized with the help of cross platform mobile application tools. This can essentially make a mobile application developer highly competent with less effort and time to consume in order to make their apps available in various mobile platforms. If you just stumbled upon this discovery then you may want to learn more through the latest industry updates. Here are some awesome tools that could provide you the best solution in creating mobile apps that support multiple platforms for mobile devices with more accessible useful features for multi-platform mobile apps development.

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tools for multi platform mobile apps


This offers an innovative tool in mobile application development which supports multiple mobile platforms. Its tool called the Titanium Development Platform can help mobile app developers to create, design and develop applications on various platforms that support desktops, tablets and Smartphones. It makes available different programming languages which include Ruby, HTML, PHP, Python and Javascript. More than a thousand native applications were already created using the tool each month and it is highly accessible among mobile app developers. The Appcelerator also offers developers to create apps which data can be stored either on the device or in the cloud.

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Sencha Touch

This tool is tagged as the futuristic tool for HTML5. It comes with GUI component that supports touch operations. Mobile app developers can use this as a tool that supports multi-platform for mobile applications that works well with iOS phones, Blackberry, Kindle and Android supported mobile devices. With a CSS experience, the app developer can also create basic animations from the program. Sencha Touch is often used together with another tool called the PhoneGap which makes it highly accessible for apps that can be integrated with maps, camera and GPS. Because one is working on an HTML5 using this tool, it is possible to develop your mobile apps even working offline. There are about 50 built in components available in the program and various themes that support different mobile platforms are among your selections for developing a universal mobile application program.

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This application developer tool supports various platforms for mobile like iOS, Windows Phone, Android, Solaris, OS X, game consoles and Unix. This can produce native looking apps with a debugger as its advanced feature. You can use either the program’s Visual Studio or the Xamarin Studio in creating, building and debugging apps. It supports all types of programming language. By using the tool for mobile application, the user experience is enhanced by using a compilation of the application through native codes. With native UI, one can develop mobile applications using the code applications based on your desired device platform. Its Point and Click UI design allows one to develop an application for Android which can automatically sync with iOS platforms.

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If you aim to create a content centered mobile apps, the AppMakr offers a convenient tool that you need in order to accomplish this task more efficiently with the least effort. The service can even help you distribute your mobile apps to various mobile application stores in the market. The tool is best for developers who are not really well versed in programming and you can use custom HTML in developing mobile apps. The program only requires knowledge of basic HTML and CSS. It supports iOS, Windows Phone and CSS platforms. This free tool allows you to create your own mobile app faster in minutes. You can also access video tutorials to help get started with a walkthrough to learn about the application store distribution system.

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This is a multi-platform mobile app development tool that uses the standard web programming system. It supports various platforms using JavaScript, Python, Ruby and PHP while offering an additional support for Eclipse based IDE to use for C/C ++ programming. It is capable for integration with Operating Systems used for Android, Moblin, Windows Mobile, Symbian and Linux. The MoSync 2.4 will additionally support iOS for iPhone and Blackberry devices. Online tutorials are available to help you create your mobile apps using C/C ++ resources. Using this resource, you can use the Native UI feature of the tool so that you can create your own map that can be integrated with your mobile app development. However, the UI feature is mainly available for the iOS and Windows Phone 7 only. If you opt to use HTML5 or JavaScript, you should use the MoSync Reload tool that could help you save time from creating your mobile apps quickly and it supports multiple platforms for Window Phone, Android and iOS. You can instantly run the codes on multiple devices thereby saving you the time and effort to accomplish a single mobile app that can run on multiple mobile platforms.
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