5 Beautiful Home Design Websites for Inspirations

If you want your home to look perfect where would you get your inspiration from? In the dark days before the internet you might have walked into a showroom to find something that looked great, but can you trust people who want you to spend money?

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Maybe you could walk into a friend’s home and steal their ideas, but then it would get weird when you invited them over for dinner. We’re lucky these days because there are so many wonderful home design websites on the internet. Take a look at some of the best ones if you’re looking for inspiration.


Some websites can feel overwhelming because they’re complicated to navigate, but Freshome makes it easy for you by splitting everything into easily digestible categories. If you’re interested in architecture as well as interior design it’s definitely the place for you. You will get to see a wide range of homes and flats in almost any environment imaginable. You can also click on the ‘best of’ link at the top if you want to go directly to the best stuff on the site.

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Cococozy is the sexiest website on the list and the design itself is almost as beautiful as the homes you’ll get to look inside when you’re hunting for some inspiration. The writer behind the site loves spacious homes with a mixture of traditional and modern features so hopefully that is what you’re interested in. They even have a shop where you can buy some cool things for your home and they’re obviously very stylish just like everything else you’ll find on the site.

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It’s hard to talk about home design without mentioning Pinterest because unlike most sites you will get inspired by anyone who decides to upload a photo. It’s already the biggest social network in the world when it comes to design and there is no sign it’s going to slow down. Once you find boards you like you can follow them and you’ll get to see all the new designs as they’re uploaded. If you want to share some photos with other people you can create your own account too.

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Design Sponge

Sometimes you see beautiful homes and you wonder what they looked like before they were famous. Design Sponge won’t just showcase the after photos, so you’ll get to see the before ones too. This can sometimes be as inspiring as the after photos themselves because you’ll know you can create the same sorts of designs inside your own home. At the moment it’s the most popular design website on the internet so be sure to check it out.

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Apartment Therapy

Apartment Therapy promises to save the world one room at a time and once you spend a little time looking around their site you’ll see they deliver on their promise. It’s not just eye candy you’re getting because there are also a number of ‘how to’ articles and projects you can follow along with when you’re making changes to your home. They also have a lot of good videos you can watch if you feel like taking a break from reading the articles.

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Start looking around now

Even if you don’t plan on changing your home at the moment you should still get into the habit of looking for inspiration around the web. If you see something you like it will stick in your mind and when it does come time to do something you’ll know what needs to be done. Save your favorite photos and you can finally look through them when the time is right.

This article is authored by Nancy Baker, an employee at Basement Bro, providers of basement flooring in Toronto. An art enthusiast, Nancy is a regular feature at the local art exhibitions. You can follow Nancy on Twitter @Nancy_Baker_.