5 Designers Approved Picks for Your Bedroom

To give your room an edge over elegance and looking pulled together there are a few essential picks for it that will undoubtedly introduce an element of warmth and sophistication in it – the key word being sophisticated. This is all too easy if you correctly follow the tips given by some famous renowned designers below. So read on to give your room the feel that it has been decorated by a designer.

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The top most preferable item for your bedroom is lamps. The reason is that the light from lamps is very soothing and a dimmer switch acts as a cherry on top, if the lamp comes with it. You can dim the light while you go to bed and brighten it up a notch when you need to get something done. Another benefit that can be attributed to lamps is that you wouldn’t have to find your way to bed in the dark, therefore the risk of getting hurt gets significantly low. So you should definitely consider putting lamps on your bedside tables.

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Throw Pillows

Perhaps the best way to incorporate color and pattern into your room is to place some throw pillows on your bed. The ideal number of throw pillows on a bed is five. They add visual interest in a room. You can also incorporate the accent color with throw pillows to really give your room the pop of color it needs. Instead of buying a set of throw pillows consider mixing and matching them so that your room decor reflects your personality.

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The Right Bedspread

Picking the right sheets is very important as the sheets you feel most comfortable sleeping in will make you fall asleep faster and help you sleep sounder. Roll down the comforter to show off the pattern of your beautiful sheets. Silk is by far the best fabric pick for your sheets and pillows as it has been scientifically proven that using a silk pillow significantly reduces fine lines are wrinkles on your face.

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Window Treatments

Nobody likes to wake up at the crack of dawn. For a peaceful and sound sleep it is important to keep the light out, be it the sunlight or the light coming from the street. You can get blackout shades to keep the light out of your room, especially in the morning. Over the blackout shades you can also hang the drapes that go with your bedding and overall color scheme for a much pulled together look. To give a small bedroom the illusion of tall ceilings you can hang drapes really high so that the focus goes all the way up to the top of the walls.

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Area Rugs

Rugs are a great way to add personality to a room. They tie the interior of the room together very elegantly and introduce an element of sophistication to it. Some beautiful Overdyed Rugs for Sale can be bought from a reliable source online to give your room warmth and make it welcoming.

This article was written by Lubna Ali Khan. She works at Alrug.com and she’s passionate about home décor.