5 Digital Design Flaws That Will Kill Your Campaign

Becoming a good designer takes practice. Your abilities as a digital signage designer will improve as you gain more experience. You can also accelerate your abilities by continuously learning tricks and new ways to design. If you have simply just taught yourself how to use digital software for making designs and then left it at that, others in the industry will be more marketable than you.

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The most important aspect of any digital signage is the design. A good design is able to grab and retain the attention of bigger audiences. To create great designs, there are certain things you should avoid doing. They include:

digital design flaws

Having Too Many Thoughts in One Slide

As a designer, you should be cognizant of the fact that customers have very little time to stop and take in the message you are trying to pass.

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As such, aim to pass only one idea in the shortest time possible. You might think that you are maximizing on the signage by talking more about your product, but you could actually be annoying and confusing potential customers with too much content.

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Limit your messages to just one idea and you will have a higher success rate. It’s up to you to choose the most important message you want to pass. This should be the message that will get consumers to take action.

Too Much Text

The size of the font and quantity of text contained in your message is another factor that you should consider. Avoid using small sized fonts, because in doing so, you limit the message to those who are in close proximity to the signage. Not everyone has 20/20 vision. Even for those who are farsighted, it is still a nuisance trying to read through small font.

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You should also avoid putting too much text in your message. One sentence that will resound with a majority of people is all you need to get customers to take action. They can read further information from the product package.

Wrong Message Hierarchy

Your content has to be well ordered; otherwise you will fail to pass the intended message. Present the most essential portion of the message first. If you have an image and no caption, you will leave it up to the customers to interpret the message for themselves.

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Make sure you have enough room for key elements for the message to come through. Call attention to it by using larger font and color.

Dull Designs

Digital signage gives you a platform for presenting images and videos in a vibrant way. It is an opportunity to call attention to your brand.

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It is therefore a grave design mistake to use static images, boring backgrounds, black font and boring language. If you do this, you will not get good returns on your digital signage cost because people will not notice your advertisements.

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Be wise and bring color, wittiness and movement to your designs.

Lack of Association of Image and Text

The best designs strike a balance between images and texts. Most people react better to images; the words just serve to reinforce what they are seeing. Combine the two and your designs will be successful.

Jenny Richards is a marketing consultant who helps people with businesses get the best returns from their digital signage cost. Visit her  blog to learn more.