5 Easy And Cheap Ways to Improve Security at Your Home

Are you scared your home’s security is not good enough but such an improvement is outside your budget? There is no need to worry, there are some easy and cheap ways you can improve safety at your home. Think about the following things you can do in order to make both you and your home safer.

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Fake A Dog Sign

Having a dog is a great way to make your home safer. Still, taking care of him can cost quite a lot and may break your budget. So, if you cannot get a real dog, you should fake it. Buy a couple of “Beware of the Dog” signs and put them up. Burglars will think twice before they cross your fence if there is a dog sign put up. You can find these anywhere and get them for less than $5. Another thing you can do is to pretend you are putting the dog in the other room if a stranger comes at your doorsteps.

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Talk to Your Neighbors

Talking to your neighbors will not cost you anything but is a good way of making your home safer. Doing this will give you an update on current crime problems in your neighborhood. If there are many possible threats, you and your neighbors can start a neighborhood watch. If you decide to do this you can also put up neighborhood watch sign just to make criminals aware that you are ready to fight them. Neighborhoods with a well-organized watch are by far less likely to become targets for criminals. This will not protect you only from burglars but will also make you prepare to act if some other issues appear. For example, if there is a fire or someone gets injured.

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Keep Shrubs in Your Backyard Trimmed

Bushy trees and shrubs are nothing but a perfect cover for burglars. So, at least once a month you should grab your equipment and trim everything you can. If you learn how to do it properly it will not harm the shrub at all but will make it grow better and more importantly make your home safer. Burglars are less likely to make a house their target if there is nothing to cover them. If they still decide to try to break in, this will make it much easier for your neighbors to spot them and alert you or the police.

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Make Sure Your House is Properly Addressed

If a burglary still occurs you will of course want to notify police as soon as possible. Still, if your house is not properly addressed it can take them much time to find it and every second is important in such situations. Make sure there is a house number sign put up on your outside wall or fence. Many people today use solar-powered lighted address sign systems, which charges during the day and glows the whole night. Having this will make your home much easier to find without increasing your utility bills.

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Secure Your Doors

Any doors which have much space between the door and the frame are possible targets for burglars. If this is the case with your doors, you should consider reinforcing it with a plywood panel or a piece of sheet metal. Considering the glass patio doors, you can reinforce it with a metal bar or a pipe. Just find one that is of same length as the doors and set them in the middle of the door slide. You should also make sure that you lock is good enough and not easy to lock pick. If you think your lock is old and should be replaced, locksmiths Ryde may just be someone who can help you. If you decide to change it you can as well change your window locks and padlocks.

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All of these are just some of the inexpensive ways to improve your home’s safety. Always stay updated on security trends and look for new cheap ways you can make your home safer. The more effort you put in, less are the chances burglars may target your house.