5 Fun and Innovative Business Card Designs

Business cards are what they are at the end of the day – a way of exchanging information with someone in person, quickly and effectively. If you’re looking at them from a graphic designer’s perspective you could argue that it is your final opportunity to leave a memorable impression in the mind (and wallet) of your card’s receiver. In food terms it is comparable to leaving a good aftertaste.

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This alternative perspective to the boring dictionary definition is what leads visual artists to create their own versions of what a business card should be, which has lead to some designers pushing the boundaries and making some imaginative, fun, and innovative business cards that will most certainly leave a good taste in the mouths of their receivers.

1- Business Cards that Fly

business card that fly

Designed by Jeff Harrison, this amazing card was designed for Norburn – a model aircraft company. The beautiful, intricate design involved laser cutting around the individual elements that combine to construct the model plane, allowing receivers of this impressive card to have some fun and make a model plane that carries the details of the company.

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business card that fly

2- Tamiya’s Multiple Model Card

Tamiya’s Multiple Model Card

The Tamiya Corporation is renowned for their astounding model kits, which I myself as a child spent many an hour putting together. I was impressed when I saw this business card they’d created that consisted of a number of tiny parts that can create three different model types. I can only imagine how long it must take tog get the smallest of parts to fit together – definitely not one for those with larger fingers.

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3- Business Card that Turns into a Chair

Business Card that Turns into a Chair

The bentply business card is a fantastic use of flexible plywood to display the details of a business whilst giving the receiver of the card some fun. By taking away the hashed area at the bottom and following the instructions on how to assemble it, you can end up with a chair fit for a mouse or hamster.

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chair shaped business card

4- Wallet Sized Bike Tool

This business card was a very creative way for the Broke Bike Alley to promote their website’s name and content type. Considering that their website is all to do with bikes, bike repairs, etc this well build metallic business card puts the thought of this website into the user’s mind every time they need to adjust a wheel nut whilst out for a ride. A regular spanner would definitely be too chunky for the wallet!

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Wallet Sized Bike Tool

5- Cardapult

Imagine receiving this fun business card from a client. You’d be forever flicking paper balls at your colleagues in the office!


This very innovative business card creation can easily carry information on one side and comes complete with a rubber band mechanism for you to lay siege on other office workers with a barrage of scrap paper. It also comes with easy to follow instructions on the reverse side so setting it up for use won’t be left to the imagination.

Cardapult 1

Share your Findings

These five innovative business card designs are some of the most inventive and fun ones I’ve found. If you know of any more please share them with us in the comments section below. The more fun and creative they look, the better!

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This blog post was written by Randal Whitmore who regularly contributes articles on the topics of visual art and business for the Solopress blog. Solopress provides high quality print services including luxury business card printing, posters, leaflets, and more.