5 Great DIY Home Projects to Take on This Spring

With spring right around the corner, it’s a great idea to start cleaning areas of your home that have been dormant for the past several months. Below are five great ideas that you can do this spring to get ahead in your cleaning.

5 Great DIY Home Projects to Take on This Season

Cleaning Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans can be some of the most overlooked items in homes. In time, the blades can accumulate dust that needs to be cleaned. This can be a challenge seeing as the blades are generally out of reach. One option is to buy a cleaning wand designed to clean the blades, or you can use an old pillow case to clean the blades. Placing a pillow case over the blades and dragging it removes the dust easily. Just repeat the process with the other blades.


Baseboards always accumulate dust, dirt, scuff marks, and dead insects. Like your ceiling fans, baseboards can be easily overlooked as well. Using a mild soap and a non-abrasive rag can be used to remove all but the most stubborn of scuff marks. A Magic Eraser with a handle works wonders to remove those stubborn scuff marks.

Renew Your Patio

Over the winter and fall months, your patio can get covered with leaves, snow and other debris. When spring arrives, you may realize that your patio furniture needs new cushions, the tile or concrete needs to be scrubbed, and the weeds need to be pulled. Start by removing the furniture and pulling the weeds that may have grown over the months. Next, get a cleaner or conditioner for your wood, tile, or concrete patio and scrub it down. Replace the furniture, clean or condition the chairs and tables, and get new cushions if needed. You can find great deals on a comfortable outdoor wicker dining set that can make your patio look now again. After those steps are completed, you can start planting flowers in the beds or install new planters.

Pet Hair Removal

When it’s cold outside, most pets prefer to stay indoors and lay on the couch or bed. This can leave your things covered in pet hair and smell unpleasant. Sticky rollers generally work pretty well, but more stubborn hair can be removed by dampening a rubber glove and running it along the cushions or mattress. The hair will clump together and attach to the glove. You then just rinse the glove – easy!

Refrigerator Coils

Most people will clean the inside of their refrigerator from time to time, but they often forget that the coils will collect dust that can damage your fridge. All you need to do is unplug the unit for a few minutes while you vacuum the dust off of the coils. Pretty easy to do and can potentially save you some money in repairs down the road.

If you use the tips above, they will surely help jump-start your spring cleaning and give you ideas of other forgotten areas that need a good scrubbing in your home.