5 Home Improvements You Should Never DIY

“It does not matter if your taste is modern or traditional, classic or retro. If a house has a good feel to it, it will always be a home” – Cameron Kimber, Interior Designer

There are a lot of situations that call for a DIY such as small-scale projects, little fixer-uppers that can be done in a matter of minutes, or visual aesthetic home enhancements that do not require heavy machinery. And in a way, there are certain advantages to just plain DIY: it is invariably more economical than having to hire a professional to do it, it has a more personalized feel, and it gives you that sense of accomplishment after having achieved it. But as much as you want to skimp on renovation costs and take matters into your hands, there are just some home remodeling projects that are best left to the professionals. Insisting on undertaking close to impossible and big projects might leave you with an exorbitant repair cost owing to the damage you have caused in your attempt at DIY.

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Remember, just because it looks easy on TV, it does not mean it looks just as easy in real life. Whether it is to protect your home from further damage or for safety reasons, here are some of the home improvements you should never DIY.

1.)    Home Electrical Work

If you are fortunate enough to live in a condo unit such as senta or anywhere else, having electrical wiring problems, do not seem to pose so much of a problem. Should you have any electrical problems, a simple call to the building’s superintendent would take care of it. For people living in gated communities and residential houses, it is not as straightforward and would require the aid of a professional. Although the services of a decent technician might be a bit pricey, it is your best bet. You would not want to be messing with electrical wires and getting yourself electrocuted in the process.

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2.)    Tearing Down Walls

It looks easy, right? I mean, how hard could it be to wreck and tear down something? Just pick up your trusty sledgehammer and smash down those walls! Well, it would be if it were just that. But any attempt at tearing down the wrong wall would instant send parts of your ceiling collapsing. Engineers and architects would be able to identify which walls are load bearing which, unfortunately, an ordinary person cannot. Additionally, they would be able to tell which electrical systems are within walls which you would need to be careful with. So put that sledgehammer down, and leave this task to the experts.

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3.) Plumbing Repairs

Small plumbing repairs such as fixing faucets and changing showerheads are renovations that a capable individual can do. However, major overhauls would need the services or at least the supervision of a licensed and competent plumber. One thing about water that you need to consider is that the tiniest of leaks can already lead to thousands of pesos flushed down the drain if it is not immediately repaired. So, if your endeavor extends beyond the ordinary and small repairs and goes into modifying your plumbing system (such as extending hot water lines or re-routing sewer pipes), you might want to enlist the aid of a professional.

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4.) Roofing Repairs

Fixing a roof may look relatively easy seeing as this is the sort of home renovation largely showcased in TV soaps. However, it is not as easy to emulate in real life because for one; it is rather easy to fall off from the roof. Repairing a shingle or thatch may look enticingly easy and for the most part, it is, but the hard part comes when you are getting up and down and getting all of the necessary tools with you. The simple act of going up and down alone poses an extreme risk of injury and even death. Apart from that, you can easily be weighed down by the repairs you are doing considering that it is mostly done under the heat of the sun making you a lot more prone to making mistakes or slipping from the roof. Consider the angle of your roof, if the slope is less than twenty degrees, then you can probably pull off minor shingle repairs or gutter work. But if it is a lot more than that, you should not attempt to do it yourself unless you are a capable professional in this field.

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5.) Extensive Tree Removal

Cutting a few stray branches here and there and giving your garden a bit of a trim is something any homeowner could and should be able to do. But serious tree trimming is another thing entirely. Cutting down trees or even removing large branches from great heights would be a dangerous activity to do on your own. For one, if you bungle your trim job, you might end up damaging your home from the unsecured falling or even worse, you may cause unwarranted accidents to people nearby,  your family or even yourself. Leave the tree cutting to the professionals and save yourself from having to worry about house damage or unnecessary medical bills.