5 Paint Colors Designers Always Use

If you had to pick the most daunting task of decorating your home, would it be coming up with space saving décor tips or figuring out which piece of furniture goes where? Typically, for most people it’s choosing the color that goes on their walls. People are intimidated by this task. The right shade of color can completely uplift the aura of your space and the wrong shade can bring it down. Not to mention, picking the wrong color palette will leave you questioning your sense of taste for the longest time. (“Red? Why did I ever choose to go with that color??”) Sounds familiar? Well, to keep you from regretting choosing that shade in the future, I’ve highlighted a few colors that designers always use, that will give you an idea about which color you should put on your walls. Have fun painting!

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Compatible Cream

Looking for a shade of yellow that’s not too overpowering? Well then, this is the color for you. Compatible cream is an elegant shade that adds grace to your home and it’s very easy to live with. You can match pretty much any furniture set with it. So if you’re looking for a color that doesn’t require a lot of work then this is the color for you.

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Intense White

The name of this color can be misleading as it has a grayish undertone to it. This color is ideal for people who are not a bold color enthusiast and want something subtle to go on their walls. For a contemporary touch you can match this color with transitional furniture.

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Revere Pewter

This color is an excellent replacement for white as it adds enough color to your space without looking too bold. Revere pewter works with every pattern, color and style. All in all, this color is a great choice for your home.

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To add warmth and coziness to your space, opt for beige. Beige is a color that most designers say is a fail-safe color. It’s timeless and you can’t put a date on it. So if incorporating a color that will look good on your walls for a long time is your main focus then beige is perfect for you. To make use of beige in your home, use shades that have warm undertones to it. You can also mix two or more shades to get your desired color.

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Gray is a very trendy color that’s really in this season. It can be used as an alternative for white. A lot of designers call this color their go-to shade. Gray is a sophisticated color that gives you a perfect balance between beige and white. To add a bold and dramatic touch to your space, use darker grays. Dark grays can also prove to be amazing backdrops for antique and vintage furnishings or decoration pieces. For a softer effect, use lighter grays.

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This article was written by Rida Maqbool. She loves interior designing, home décor and art & craft. She blogs at thecanvasprints.co.uk.