5 Practically Unheard Sites That Promote Creativity

We live in an age of five kings- Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube and Pinterest. There doesn’t seem to be much room for new social networks, however, there was once a time where only MySpace ruled. Sites such as Pinterest have encouraged users to get a little more creative, which users have overwhelmingly responded to.

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Following the trend of Pinterest the social giant, tiny, unheard of social sites with steady streams of traffic have started to emerge. In spite of the heavy competition, many creative types prefer the small, close-knit artistic communities of these social networks. Here are five incredibly user driven, innovative sites that best encourage creativity amongst the users.

#1. Deviant Art – The Old School Site

DeviantART has been around for ages, rivaling both Facebook and the newly revitalized MySpace in lifespan. DeviantART is mainly artists, illustrators, and graphic designers showcasing their work, with the possibility of selling it to an interested buyer. By default, all “mature content” is hidden, but it’s still there, which gives this site a somewhat of an edge.

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#2. ZapTee – The Simple Custom T-Shirt Maker

It seems like there are more and more custom t-shirt sites popping up. All over the web, sites offer exclusive content from favorite tv shows and movies, hundreds of clip art galleries, and limitless options of t-shirt color, style and design. ZapTee.com is a little different. The site allows personal uploads and limited font styles. There’s not an overwhelming abundance of widgets and tools, which makes it a quicker, easier site to use. Best of all- t-shirts are only $6.95 to make.

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#3. Polyvore -Living in the Shadows of Social

Polyvore is frequently compared to Pinterest and Tumblr, but has much more functionality. Additional features allow users to save pictures in a similar fashion as Pinterest, they can also edit them on “style boards”. This site is ideal for interior designers, aspiring fashionistas, and collage lovers everywhere. A heavy library of previously uploaded user content makes it the fashion and home decor social search engine of the web. Social sharing allows you to post the boards directly on Facebook or Twitter.

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#4. Trippy -Leaves Pinterest at Home

Trippy, a travel focused social site, encourages users to do something almost unheard of in the social world- leave their computer. Rather than sitting alone pinning or tweeting, Trippy users are out in the world exploring. Users upload and share photos of places they’ve been and hope to go, relying on other users for helpful feedback and sharing. Users can comment and share their expertise of a location, or ask questions about planning a trip. The site allows you to browse by world, country, state or city- depending on your preferences. Although there doesn’t seem to be a lot of users, Trippy has more potential than most social networks.

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#5. You, Me and Charlie -The Sophisticated Older Sibling of Social Sites

Created by Glee darling Dianna Argon, You, Me and Charlie can be described as one thing- a love letter to all things artistic. The surprisingly deep Dianna shows a deep appreciation to music, art, and creativity, and along with 13 featured editors, constantly updates the site with new and compelling content. Editor Spencer Moya says in a recent post that YM&C is about “exposing people to good things they might not have been exposed to” in other places. The site seems like an ideal place for modern and trendy creative types to come together as a whole.

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