5 Quick Tips for Makeup: Do’s & Don’ts of Applying Makeup

Makeup is an essential part of a girl’s life. Rather than depending on makeup experts who can give us flawless look with makeup, with a little practice and patience we can achieve that perfect look if we will keep some points in our mind. A wrong makeup technique can make you look older and even worse can embarrass you in important situations where you want to look your best.

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Keep the points below in your mind while applying makeup and avoid those makeup disasters completely:

1. Wearing A Wrong Foundation Shade

A foundation either too light or too dark than your natural skin tone is noticeable and is the worst makeup disaster of all time. It can make you look cakey or too whitish and can even highlight your facial hairs upto disastrous levels. A foundation shade lighter than your natural skin tone is enough to make you look older than your actual age.

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Invest in a non-comedogenic foundation which gives you a matte look and which completely matches your skin tone. Do a patch test before buying a good quality foundation.

2. Applying You Base Without A Moisturiser Or A Primer

A moisturiser ensures smooth application of your base and helps in getting rid of dry and flaky skin otherwise the base might look disastrous on a flaky skin. Primer keeps your makeup intact for longer periods. Use a moisturiser that will give you both the quality of a moisturiser and a primer. In summers, primer is a must as makeup flows rapidly without a primer. You can also apply your primer on lips so as to avoid any lipstick from bleeding which otherwise look pathetic.

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3. Lipsticks To Stay Longer

Heading for a dinner party with your loved ones in a gorgeous dress and want the lipstick to be intact even after meals. Here’s what you have to do.

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Use a lip liner of the same colour to outline your lips and then fill it in completely on your lips and then apply a coat of your lipstick. This will prevent the lipstick from transferring while eating and will keep it intact all day long. Secondly don’t ever forget to moisturise your lips well before applying any lipstick to avoid chapped lips. Scrub your lips gently with an exfoliator to get soft lips.

4. Eyebrow Game High

Groom your eyebrows well as it can change your entire look. Use an eyebrow pencil to give a nice shape to your brows and then fill in the gaps. You can also use a highlighter or white liner pencil on your brow bone to give it a nice lift and perfect look.

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5. The Right Way To Apply Blush

Blushes come in a wide variety of creams to powder, you can choose your preferable one. Avoid applying too much or too less. The right way of applying blush is to smile so as to lift up your cheeks which will help in defining your apples of the cheeks where you have to apply blush in an outwards direction from cheeks to the temples.

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These are the few points that you should keep in your mind while applying makeup to make it a game changer, not the spoiler.

This article is written by Pooja Sharma, Fashion and lifestyle writer at Baggout.com which is an online recommendation engine for the girls in the age group 16-30, where you can choose from the best products that suit you the most which are chosen by the top stylists from the top retailers.