5 Surprising Places to Nurture Your Creativity

Inspiration is all around us. If you’re having trouble finding it, you might be looking in all the wrong places. Sometimes it’s right in front of us. Here are five examples of places that can spark creativity.

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Your Home

We spend the most time in our homes. However, most people don’t know that our homes can serve as a place to ignite our creativity. And something as simple as paint colors can boost our creative thinking. Blues and greens are both calming and relaxing. Designer Eli Mechlovitz told SheKnows that we need to first decide how we are individually inspired and motivated. For many, to be creative we must be stress free, which makes greens and blues a good option. Others would rather of a boost of energy. In this case, colors such as yellow, red and orange might do the trick.

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The Outdoors

From artists to photographers and even writers and musicians, the outdoors serves as a perfect place to find inspiration to create. Spending time in the wild can declutter your mind and cut out all of the noise and stress of everyday life. Additionally, research has shown that spending time outside walking boosts creative inspiration. A study from Stanford proved walking can help you at the beginning stages of creativity. Our minds are shaped by our environments. Taking a break from it all and spending just a little time outdoors can be beneficial to our level of creativity.

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Your City

Ready for a change in scenery? Changing up your daily routine can impact your creativity. Explore your city and visit places you’ve never seen. Many cities are home to communities and various activity groups which can help you get outside your comfort zone. Check out conferences or trade shows that come to town. Go to a ballet or snag tickets to a Broadway show. Culture presents many opportunities to spark a person’s creative ability.

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Oftentimes we feel that our lives are too busy to take in all of the sights that surround us. But visiting a local museum or art space can serve our left brain well. In 2014 Business Insider reported that people can boost their creativity simply by looking at art. They reported that research from the University of Queensland found museums can relieve mental fatigue and restore our brain’s focus in a way similar to how the outdoors impacts us. Additionally, openness to experience, one of our Big 5 personality traits, is most related to creative achievement.

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Your Workspace

Where we spend our time during the day directly impacts our creative abilities. If your workspace is drab, boring and dull, you might struggle to find creative inspiration, especially if you work in a creative industry. For at home workspaces, setting up your desk by the window can ignite creative thinking. If you’re tied to a cubicle at the office spruce it up with a little color. A small lush green plant or a knick-knack that makes you happy is just right. Most importantly, ensure that your working space is clean and clutter free. If the spaces around us are messy and cluttered, our brains will be too, which makes it difficult to get creative work done.