5 Ways to Put a Personal Touch on Your Home

After months, if not years, of finding the perfect house, phoning around removal companies, and eventually moving in, you are the proud new owner, or tenant, of a brand new – new to you anyway – home. But a home isn’t a home until you put your own identity on it. Only then will you truly be able to call it yours. The last thing you want after you move in is to do even more physically taxing work on it. But, just a few relatively easy things can mean you stamp your own personal touch on your home. Below are some of them to put a personal touch on your home.

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Paint Your Home in Your Way

Maybe the previous owners or tenants were Satanists and painted every wall in your home black. Maybe the previous owners had three daughters so every bedroom, bar one, is pink. Or perhaps you just downright don’t like the style sense of the previous owners or tenants. Whatever the reason, painting the walls of your home can be a way to personalise your home to your tastes. Hey, you could even give the outside of it a paint job. Painting is not as hard and daunting task as it seems. Just sacrifice a day or two and you’ll be able to style your home with the colour scheme of your wish.

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Try Different Style for Furniture Arrangement

If your new home is a flat, or it’s a house that you’ve rented, then it may be fully furnished. And you may not like what the previous tenants have done with that furniture. It is possible that the furniture can only be arranged in one way due to space concern. If this is the case, then don’t pull your hair out thinking about how you can make your home feng shui. But if you, with your artistic mind’s eye, can envision an alternative layout which you think you will prefer, then why not try it. It will make your home feel more personal. Even if your flat is fully furnished, or you’ve just bought a home which, in all likelihood, has no furniture in it, you should carefully plan how you are going to lay out your furniture.

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Consider Getting the Builders In

The last thing you want to hear is ‘spend more money on the home you’ve already spent countless am     ounts of money on. But, if you’re a home owner, then the best time to redo a part of the house is when you move in. There is little point settling in for 6 weeks and then redoing your kitchen or bathroom: you might as well do it from the off. You may not like the amount of walls in the house, or the décor of the kitchen or bathroom. Whatever your reason may be, if you feel you may need to redo a part, or parts, of your new home, do it straight away. Needless to say that designing your own kitchen, bathroom, conservatory or whatever you wish will put a defining personal touch on your home.

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Be Creative and Get Some Art on Your Walls

Regardless of whether you decide to paint it or not, a house looks much better with a little bit of art on the walls. Chances are you already have paintings that use to hang on your old house. Hang these up in your new one and it’ll provide a personal touch, as well as providing a level of familiarity which will help you settle in quicker.

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Get New Curtains to Complement the New Look

If you’ve just bought a new house, then the previous owners most likely took their curtains with them. Even if they didn’t, the curtains left in there may not go with your new paint job and art you’ve decided to hang, Getting new curtains will mean your identity is stamped on your new home.

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