5 Ways for Using Furniture to Set the Tone & Style of Your Home

Besides wall decor, furniture is one of the main pieces of the home that sets the style and tone of the environment. The furniture can cause the space to look retro, modern or even rustic. To use the right furniture to set the mood in the property, there are a few tips to follow to create a stunning home.

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Using Furniture To Set The Tone And Style Of Your Home

Make It the Focal Point

Furniture should be used as the focal point in each room to allow it to set the overall style. This means that a couch can be placed in the middle of a living room with two accent chairs that are facing each other on each side. In a bedroom, the bed can be facing the entrance of the wall and be centered in the room. Use a headboard that is dramatic and draws attention to the bed to make it the main piece in the room. The headboard will ultimately determine the style of the bedroom.

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Use Furniture from a Certain Era

It’s important to keep all of the furniture in your home within the same era to ensure that the same type of style is used throughout the space. You can consider choosing mid-century furniture for a retro look or even furniture from the early 1900s for a classic style.

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Reupholster the Furniture

All of the furniture in your home should have fabric that complements one another to ensure that it flows well. Make sure that the fabric doesn’t clash with other furniture pieces in the room so that a clear style and tone is set without looking too eclectic.

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Consider the Finish

The finish of the furniture pieces will also set the style and should be similar or uniform to one another. For a rustic style, use furniture that is worn or has crackled paint on the surface. Other furniture pieces that need to be made-over can be painted a new color or re-stained to ensure that the surrounding decor is influenced by the items.

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Use the Same Color Palette

Make it a point to use furniture that all is in the same color palette, which will make it easier to set the tone with the other decor that is used so that it all flows well. Avoid using pieces that are awkward or stick out, which can make it confusing on what the tone of the environment is. It helps to get furniture from the same place to get everything matching the way you want. You can even save money this way by using Discountrue coupons for places like Kohl’s. When you can get good deals and matching furniture at the same time, it’s easy to get the look you want.

When using furniture in your home, the pieces that you use can make it easy to have a distinct look that is right out of a magazine. Your space will not only look professionally decorated, but it will fit your personal taste for many years to come.