5 Web Design Mistakes that Make Conversion Suffer

Designing a website to ensure business conversion is the priority for most designers today. Because unless and until the website does not earn enough for the business all design excellence is futile. Though most of the time the design mistakes that kill conversion are involuntary one cannot help giving more attention to them for fulfilling the precise business objective. Here are our top 5 design mistakes that diminish your chances of conversion.

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A Website Layout Lacking Clarity

Your website is most likely to be focused in drawing the attention of your visitors to sell something, to subscribe something, to buy a service, to make a favorable opinion or to render some positive influence for the business. While you are clear about your target audience you should clearly make them realize what they can get from you and how you can help them. Clarity of layout is at the heart of great customer experience (CX) for any website. On the other hand, lack of this clarity in the layout will only lead to confusion. Here below we provide some tips.

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  • Have a clear view of the typical content and design with which to address the target audience and figuring out how they can react.
  • Analyzing each of your web pages to find areas that are confusing or lack clarity.
  • Overcoming redundancy by removing irrelevant content.
  • Above the fold placing of vital content for giving priority to them.

Lack of Clear and Useful Navigation

After all, your users will only be your customers when you guide them to their needful services or products. It is something like guiding an incoming customer by knowing his or her requirement and then taking him to the particular area of the store where the asked products are in display. It is the guided navigation that often let customers perform the action you want them to do. You can introduce new elements to make yourself stand out but then, going too much unconventional in navigation you can add to their confusion as well. So, you cannot make too many experiments as far as navigation is concerned. Offering a search box is also extremely crucial as it would make navigation easy and give relief to users for finding something. Here are some tips.

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  • Call to action buttons should guide users clearly to areas where they want to go.
  • Call to action buttons should always offer some options to enhance the chances of lure customers to where you want them to go.
  • Make sure links are easily clickable and do not lead to wrong pages.
  • Check from time to time for on-page errors, missing pages, non-working links and misdirects.
  • Make sure all navigation buttons are prominent and easily clickable across devices.
  • Make sure the navigation icons and their placing are not too much unconventional to create confusion.

Long Text Paragraphs

Text is good as long as they are not boring and continues to incite interest. Often long blocks of text just do the opposite for website. On the other hand, small blocks of text presented in combination with other visual contents and design elements can garner a far better response. Here are some tips.

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  • Provide small blocks of relevant texts distributed evenly across the sections and pages.
  • Enhance readability by using right typography, text color, font size and surrounding white space.
  • Make use of visual contents like images, video, graphics, etc. to supplement the text content.
  1. Not taking hosting problems into consideration

Hosting service should be a major consideration for the web designers also because often poor hosting service does not allow loading on-page design elements or certain contents in the way they are meant to appear. At a time when page speed is a great determinant factor for business conversion, you cannot take hosting service lightly. Here below we provide some tips.

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  • Choose a hosting service and company that is scalable, performance driven and offers round the clock service with great reputation.
  • Make sure the hosting provider has large infrastructure and is in business for several years.
  • Always look for latest hosting control panel systems like cPanel and Plex.
  • Optimize page loading speed by posting contents that are easier to upload.

Failing to Incorporate Sales Process

Obviously the website is a vital organ in your entire sales process and the primary reason to target audience is to convert visits into sales. But to do that your website need to include a dales process. Without this it would look more like a store without any counter to process payment. From offering a great landing page to telling users about latest arrivals corresponding to their present search, all these are related to sales. Here are some tips to incorporate sales process.

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  • A quality landing page with a small form and a small text telling about your offering is a must.
  • While selling something or offering something, make them feel at ease by assuring money back, replacement guarantee, promotional offers, free delivery, round the clock support and service, etc.
  • Adding video content describing the product or service would increase your chances of conversion by many folds.

Finally, we must say that business conversion does not necessarily imply a volume or number of users. While numbers are important to grow as a brand, having high value customers on board is equally crucial for a steady growth.

Keval Padia is a Founder & CEO of Nimblechapps. He is an iOS Game Developer, with acute knowledge of Mobile Game Design and User Experience Design. His vision is to become the best iOS development company, which can transform people’s idea into fully functional application at a very affordable price.