6 Best Joomla Tools for Creating a Winning Joomla Website

Many developers and non-developers alike are using content management systems for running and maintaining their website. You can find several CMS available on the web, however, three most dominating CMS’s are WordPress, Drupal and Joomla.

best joomla toolsJoomla is preferred, when it comes to developing a site that is far more complex than WordPress but less complicated than Drupal. One of the biggest advantages that Joomla provides is the number of extensions – that can help extend and customize your Joomla look and feel, and functionality. In this post we will discuss about some of the most useful Joomla extensions that serves as powerful tools in customizing your site.


A sitemap is comprised of a list of relevant pages that help search engines such as Google identify the most important content of your site. JSitemap is one of the best Joomla sitemap generators that provides an innovative way to manage all your sitemaps. This extension is highly recognized for offering up to 400% site visibility.

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JSitemap comes with an inversion of control principle that helps index your website. Integrating this principle into your Joomla site save you from waiting for search engines to crawl your site, and instead enable you to send your content information to the search engines.

JM Slideshow

The majority of users today browse websites using different device screens. And thus, it has become more important than ever to run websites – that adjusts automatically according to the device screen they’re being viewed on.

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JM Slideshow is an excellent Joomla tool that helps to create a fully-responsive slideshow for your site. What’s more? The slideshow is optimized for search engines and is built on Twitter’s Bootstrap. This module comes with different customization options including 5 different transition effects, navigation control and more – which gives you the ability to customize the slideshow as per your requirement. JM Slideshow can be downloaded for free and is compatible with Joomla versions 2.5 and 3.

Perfect Ajax Popup Contact Form

Most of the site owners often pay more attention to the look and feel of the site, and overlook customizing their contact form. Doing so, can make you lose potential customers. Perfect Ajax Popup Contact Form extension helps to integrate AJAX contact form on your site with several outstanding features including no spam, unlimited fields and so much more.

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It provides several layout options to choose from; plus it allows to change colors and provide multiple integrations.

Social Media Links Genius

Creating a social media profile for your business is an effective way to promote your brand to people far and wide. But, what can benefit you more is linking your social media profiles to your business website. Unfortunately, many small business owners pay less attention to linking to social media profiles. This may make you lose lots of potential customers. But linking to your those profiles from your site will not only expand your business reach, but also builds social authority.

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Social Media Links Genius is a useful extension that enables you to incorporate social media profiles of your company into your website. It helps to display social icons on your site linking to the different profiles. Moreover, it renders an option to customize social icons. It is compatible with Joomla versions 2.5 and 3.

Vertical Accordion Menu – All in One

In order to bring more traffic to your site, it is very important to provide users with a seamless navigation experience. Put it simply, your navigation menu should be simple, clean and easy to browse.

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The Accordion Menu built by Nextend helps to build custom menus for your Joomla powered site. It is easy to use, user-friendly and highly customizable extension that facilitates you with complete control over your navigation menu. You can change your menu colors, add animation effects etc. to customize your menu as per your needs. This extension also helps to maximize and minimize the content of your menu.

Conversion by righTune

Want to add background music to your web page? Well, then the Conversion by righTune is the best bet for you. This module helps to incorporate music (any melody) to your Joomla site.

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With this extension you can fill your website with several free tunes, and choose one that suits your business. It can be downloaded for free and is available for Joomla versions 2.5 and 3.

Wrapping Up!

If you’re running a Joomla website and want to spruce up your site, then hopefully using the aforementioned extensions will definitely help you meet your objectives in the best possible manner.

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