6 Expected Features of Apple iPhone 7

Apple, the name that does not need any introduction, is once again enjoying as headline-maker. This time, it’s due to iPhone 7. The smartphone is next big that would be coming from the company. It has been in the rumors for past few months now. We’ve so far seen both sensible and non-sense baseless rumors. But we are not going with rumors this time, instead decided to post a list of features of Apple iPhone 7 we would like to enjoy. As an Apple fan, you must be having your own wishlist as well. Just tally it with ours to know if we all want Apple to bring same features in iPhone 7.

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Smaller Screen

You read it right- smaller screen. Come on, an iPhone is a ‘phone’ first and then a smartphone. There is no meaning of getting too bulky and big iPhone in your hands. It would do nothing but would eat the usefulness of the device for what it’s made. Apple blessed iPhone 5S with a nice screen size which is good for its use as phone as well as smartphone. We don’t wish to see any upgrade as far as the screen size is concerned.

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Higher Screen Resolution

Smaller screen size coupled with higher screen resolution will surely take the quality of display to high-end. Display’s quality matters a lot and Apple is well aware of this fact. iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus come with 326ppi and 401ppi. We wish to see something better than this in iPhone 7.

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Wireless Charging

We’ve been hearing about wireless charging for quite some time now. We seriously wish the companies to stop the talk and bring this feature now. As an Apple fan, I would like Apple to make wireless charging a part of iPhone 7. This technology will surely help Apple catch attention of millions.

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Better Processing Speed

No doubts that the current iPhone devices offer good processing speed, but we wish to see something better in iPhone 7. Nowadays, all companies are focusing on delivering good processing speed, as it works as an important factor in deciding phone’s performance in the sales graph. Better processing speed in iPhone 7 as compared to what we have in current iPhone, will surely give a reason to customers to buy the upcoming iPhone device.

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Better Battery Life

Let’s keep it simple: we all just hate when battery of our device touches an empty mark, right? We wish we don’t see this often in iPhone 7. This is only possible if iPhone 7 is blessed with battery with good capacity. So, in our wishlist, better battery life also lies among the top. Till then you can see how to improve iPhone battery life in 10+ different ways.

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Flexible Displays

If Apple wants to tease Samsung, then the best way to do so is by bring flexible display technology in iPhone 7. The Samsung has been talking about it for long time. Less talk, and earlier delivery of the same by Apple will surely turn the cards in favor of Apple.

Well, apart from the aforementioned features, there are many that we wish to see in Apple iPhone 7. It would be interesting to see how many of these become part of actual device. By the way, you must be having your own wishlist as well. Why don’t you use the below comment section to make world aware of what you wish to see in iPhone 7?

Abhilash Thakur is the founder of iphone7update.com who keeps eye on news, rumors and all the unusual stuff that happens around iPhone 7.