6 Great Ideas to Add Value to Your Home

To put your house up for sale and on par with the other houses for sale means you have to make a few creative changes to the exterior and interior. Even though some changes can be costly, they give added value to your home and make it look brand new. They make it tempting enough for buyers to consider.

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Clean up the Lawn

When a house is being put up for sale, what attracts potential clients first is a clean and tidy lawn. Take notice of overgrown lawn patches and untrimmed shrubs to make the property stand out. You could ask a little help from experts in landscaping, to trim your hedges and make your lawn aesthetically pleasing and bankable.

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Adding Energy-efficient Fixtures

It is important that you inform would-be buyers or real-estate agents about any energy-efficient fixtures in your house as it gives an added value to your property. Some buyers are also quite interested in several ways to save energy in the future. Some examples are water-efficient showers, rainwater tanks and grey water systems. This minimizes water bills and is also environment-friendly as it reduces water wastage. 

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Small Bathroom Updates Equal a Big Return

Some changes made to the bathroom can increase the worth of your house. Changing the tiles, for example, can help brighten up and make the whole bathroom cleaner. Another way to give a bathroom a contemporary look, is by changing an outdated sink or lighting, into something more chic and modern to catch the eye of a buyer. And lastly, the best thing to do when you’re selling is to fix the plumbing, so the future owner wouldn’t have to worry about such things the moment they move in. 

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Kitchen Updates Equals Added Value

There are so many things that can be done in the kitchen to attract buyers, without going bankrupt. Make small changes like the cabinet paint, countertop material, or a change in the tile flooring. These changes can give a different look to the kitchen and at the same time give added value to your home. 

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Re-frame Your Entry

Fix whatever is broken on your main entry door. This is one of the most important things as this is the first thing a potential buyer sees before exploring your house. A broken door may symbolize a broken house, so opt for sturdier doorknobs, to give the impression of a well-built house. Garage doors can also be replaced and repainted for a new look.

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Keep up with Regular Makeover for Small Parts

Small repairs should not be taken for granted. One small damage can shoo away a buyer, so it has to be fixed as soon as possible. Once the damages pile up, the costs for repairs would too. So, to keep up with maintenance and repairs in the home, make a list of it and hire a capable handyman to make all the repairs. It also shows that the house has not been neglected through the years. Regular makeovers for small areas of home can bring a huge pleasant change to the overall look of your sweet home….

Buyers look for houses that are well-kept and sturdy, as they also want to get the most out of the money they are about to spend. So, make some necessary changes and fix whatever is broken, to attract buyers into your home and make them pay the price you have set.

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