6 Interior Design Tips for A Unique And Inviting Home

While interior design is an art that can take a while to master, it’s easier to improve the look of your home by understanding a few simple concepts. If you’re currently in the process of revamping your home’s interior design, keep the following tips in mind when planning the layout of your interiors.

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Achieve Balance in Every Room

A room that’s not balanced will look dissonant and uninviting. You can achieve balance in a room symmetrically, asymmetrical, or radially. Achieving balance involves equally spacing out the visual weight of a room depending on a certain axis. Simply put, it’s important that not all of your furniture or décor is bunched on one side of the room. Balance large pieces of furniture with smaller wall photos or décor.

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Identify And Work Around a Focal Point

The focal point of a room often determines where the axis is that you’ll work around to achieve balance. A focal point like a fireplace or a bed headboard could naturally prevail in a room. Or, you may need to create your own focal point using furniture or another decor feature. For example, a coffee table serves as a good focal point in a living room without a fireplace or mantle.

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Don’t Depend Too Much On a Theme

You might favor a particular decor theme like the Cape Cod look or a southwestern decor scheme. While you can look to this theme to create a design that suits your style, don’t be too reliant on it. An overly theme-y interior can come across as boring, predictable, and lacking in creativity.

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Resist Overcrowding

When you’re shopping at a furniture store, you might feel the urge to purchase more items than you have room for. Make sure you’re leaving enough breathing room around your furniture. Remember that you room isn’t just for looking at- it also must be lived in.

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Create Contrast

Creating contrast isn’t just about including decor features of varying color. You also need to create contrast when it comes to size and texture. Contrast the smoothness and complexity of surfaces of flooring, furniture, and accessories like pillows and blankets. You should also vary the sizes of paintings hanging on your walls and furniture pieces. You can find stunning artwork to complement any room at Persimmon Lane.

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Pick Your Paint Color Last

The paint color your use on your walls should be able to have a certain unifying effect on your interior. As such, you might want to choose it last so that you can pick out your wall color after you are already aware of all the other colors that will be present.

Interior design can seem complicated, but it doesn’t have to be with these simple tips. You can create an aesthetically pleasing room with little effort it you know what to look for.