6 Key Factors in Choosing the Right Antispam Software for Your Business

Spam mail is often considered an innocuous nuisance but it can also be extremely dangerous, especially when it’s targeted at business organisations. Whether your organisation has encountered problems with spam emails in the past or you would like to eliminate the possibility of it ever posing a problem before it actually becomes one, you need to invest in good antispam software.

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What is Spam?

Spam is essentially a form of commercial advertising that comes in the form of emails. Most email service providers, for instance Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo!, have developed very good defenses against spam with most of their users rarely, if ever, receiving spam emails in their inbox.

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For the most part, the spam emails that most people receive are due to them signing up for newsletters or giving their email addresses to people, businesses, organisations, etc. that they shouldn’t have.

Whilst most spam emails are irritating, some can actually be extremely harmful. This is why you should never open emails from recipients you don’t know, though if you do – curiosity gets the best of the best of us at the best of times! – don’t make the mistake of clicking on any links contained in the spam email because that’s where problems can really arise.

Some spam emails contain viruses, malware or spyware that can wreak havoc with your computer and computer networks. As many business organisations have found, just one of their employees opening a single spam email can cost thousands of dollars’ worth of damage, not to mention set them back months in terms of progress.

Antispam Software

There are numerous antispam software products on the market, and as is always the case, some are a much better choice than others. As a business organisation you will need to focus on antispam software that’s intended for commercial users as the level of protection provided should (theoretically) be significantly higher than what is provided for individuals.

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If you and your employees aren’t using an email service like Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo! that comes with outstanding antispam settings then you will need to invest in good antispam software. When searching for a suitable antispam solution you’ll come across many products, so here are a few tips to help you select a suitable antispam solution for your business.

  • Data Confidentiality

First and foremost, your important business data must remain completely confidential at all times and from all parties – including the developers of the antispam software you install to protect your data.

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It is therefore essential that you look for contractual and technical guarantees that your data will be analyzed and managed with complete confidentiality. Anti spam solutions for business like Mail Cleaner are considered to be a cut above commercial products in this regard.

  • Easy to Use and Install

Antispam programs are increasingly easy to use and install though some are, it suffices to say, a vast improvement on others in this regard. Ideally, you would run the EXE file, check a couple of boxes, and the rest will be taken care of.

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You and your employees naturally don’t want to concern yourselves with antispam software tasks on an ongoing basis, so look for antispam software that requires little ongoing management.

  • Its Degree of Scalability

Businesses grow over time – at least that’s what management is hoping for – so you need to find an antispam software program that offers you a good degree of scalability, i.e. it will easily accommodate the changes that you need to make as your business grows over time.

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How many users will it support is the first thing to look at in this regard, but you should also look at factors such as licensing and user accounts, i.e. do you have to pay for each user you add, and how easy it is to add or remove users, i.e. how flexible it is.

  • Its Degree of Effectiveness

Opinions differ as to how ‘effective’ a good antispam software program should be. No program will be able to offer you 100% protection, though they should be able to stop at least 99% of all spam emails you receive.

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Realistically, the only way you can ever be sure as to how effectively an antispam program works is to try it out, but you should also make the most of reviews on reputable websites.

Word-of-mouth referrals are advisable to look into, for chances are someone, perhaps one of your business peers, can recommend an antispam program that they have been happy with.

  • The Support You will Receive

The support you receive is just as important as the effectiveness of the product. If you receive good support you will get more from your antispam software and that’s something to think about when comparing prices.

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For instance, if the support your employees are provided with can save them an hour a month and you pay them $25 per hour, that’s $300 saved every year. Taking into account the differences in price between top software programs that come with excellent customer support and the lesser programs on the market that fall well short in this regard, that initial outlay cost can be seen as an astute investment indeed.

A tip imparted by leading software experts is to not only give the antispam software itself a trial, but also the support services the developer offers. If they fall short in the customer service stakes, consider another antispam solution by a different developer.

  • The Right Solution at the Right Price

Business organisations that don’t protect their computers and computer networks with software programs, like antispam software programs, are putting themselves at risk.

With a rise in the number of cyber attacks and cyber spying incidents on the rise, to overlook the importance of investing in what is essentially inherently affordable software would be a serious faux pas, one that has the potential to return to haunt management.

Your business data is crucially important in a myriad of ways – protect it today with a suitable antispam software program and keep up to date with developments as they occur.

Ricky Sufian is an expert in enterprise technology such as anti spam solutions for business. He writes guest blogs on IT in his spare time.