6 Must Have SEO Tools for Small Businesses

Search Engine Optimization is of no use without proper SEO tools. SEO software tools are ideal for business owners who want to make their website popular. There are a number of marketing tools that help you to perform this task much easier and faster. The biggest challenges that search engine optimization experts face while optimizing the website are identifying the flaws and improving the results. There are quite a few tools out there that cover all the aspects of SEO in one place. Below is the list of SEO tools for small businesses.

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This is one of the best tools that tries to bridge the gap by simplifying the SEO process for small businesses. This makes the process of SEO affordable, though this tool lacks some advanced features. This is ideal for small business owners as it fulfills all the basic SEO requirements. This is the first SEO tool developed by an Indian company and has its own data center. The unique features of this tool allow SEO companies to offer services to their customers at an economical rate.

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IBusiness Promoter

This is a good business software with great SEO ranking and offers everything that you need to get top search engine ranking on all the major search engines. It is the latest SEO tool for webmaster such as Google and other reputed search engines. It is regularly updated so that it is compatible with Google’s SEO algorithm. There are a number of powerful options that help you to find effective keywords for both SEO and PPC. For optimizing the website, you will find a variety of appropriate keywords that have been overlooked by your competitors.

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Paradox is one of the best SEO tools for small businesses. It is a reliable platform that helps you to create unique SEO strategies. You will be provided with a user friendly interface, where you will be asked to enter the website URL. Paradox notifies about everything you need to know about your website. This is very easy to install and useful compared to other SEO tools.

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Citation Finder

This is often called as the life juice of local SEO. From the word citation, the local folks mean different types of online mentions of a business. This tool can be used to attribute the citations to a biz, to make sure that same unique code is used across all the mentions. This tool has been topping the local SEO tools for years.

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This is an all-purpose tool that helps you to monitor, manage and conduct SEO campaigns. This tool has broad capabilities and is very useful for watching the ranking and the impact of your link building efforts. It is available at different levels at a cost of $7 to $40 per month. Some of the key features include – rank tracking, main referrers, link building and social metrics. One can use this tool to understand the reports of the client in a much easier way.

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This tool is available for a reasonable rate of $9.95 per month, which is within budget of small business owners. One can use this tool to analyze the competition for keywords in Google, and to discover the keywords used by top ten competitors in search engines. This tool offers page analysis in detail as well as detailed off-page analysis of the links.

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Try the SEO tools mentioned above to make your website search engine friendly.

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