6 Tips To Improve Your Facebook Advertisements Feedback

90 percent of the online business companies are running advertising campaigns on social networks these days. As Facebook generates the maximum amount of traffic among all the social networks, business entrepreneurs prefer this as a suitable platform for running ad-campaigns. These advertising campaigns are expensive and highly-targeted; that’s why you’ll have to pay a significant amount of money to run and manage these promotions on Facebook. You can also buy targeted Facebook fans from the reliable vendors to make the operation more effective and affordable. Here you will explore 6 great tips that can potentially increase the ROI with Facebook advertising.

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improve facebook advertisement feedback

6 Tips to Improve Your Facebook Advertisements Feedback

Facebook has a simple, powerful platform where you can easily create an ad and start the campaign right away. The procedure is very easy and almost anyone can setup his Facebook ad account. But getting the best result from the investment can be a big challenge. Let’s explore 6 tips from PPC experts working with Facebook since the beginning.

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#1 Designing the Advertising Unit like a Pro

Facebook ad units are showed on the right side of the news feed. These are small units but they can convert visitors into potential customers. You have to design these units carefully. According to many PPC managers, colors and fonts used in these ad units aren’t important. But the truth is different; a visitor only clicks on an advertisement when it looks better. So you should use bright colors and clear fonts to design professional Facebook ad units.

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#2 Creating a Short, Attractive Advertising Copy

Some copywriters make thousands for preparing advertising copies for the leading business companies. You have to hire a master of words to create great ad copies for these small, powerful Facebook advertising units. The system doesn’t allow more than 140 characters and you utilize the allowed length properly. You should prepare several copies for a single campaign to keep things fresh, unique and attractive.

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#3 Segmenting the Campaign According to the Target Group

Most PPC managers suggest creating a single integrated content to become successful. But the genius PPC leaders suggest segmenting the campaign into few groups and run them simultaneously. The campaigns should be designed according to your target-audience. Based on their age, sex, location and preference, these segments should also have specific targets, runtimes and budgets.

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#4 Timing is an Integral Part of a Successful Ad Campaign

You shouldn’t run the campaigns 24 hours a day. You should explore the best timing for running your ad campaigns. You have to focus on a timespan when maximum targeted visitors are online. This will help you get quick results. Proper timing can be very difficult for a new PPC marketer. So you should seek help from an expert to optimize your schedule. Timing requires extensive research and analysis.

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#5 Using the Action Words to Get Better Response

Researchers have found that a few words potentially enhance click through rates (CTR). These words are loosely termed as action words. These words and phrases attract the customers better than anything else. Grab it, attention, discount, free, now, save, get it – these words ensure better visibility, CTR and engagement. You have to use these words wisely so that a potential client gets interested in your offer.

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#6 Analyzing Facebook Ad-report is Crucial

Facebook has a powerful analytic system that organizes the statistics and lets a user review the data. If you want to make your campaign successful, you have to learn everything about the system. You should also explore EdgeRank, Facebook’s ranking algorithm. These will help you a lot to prepare the campaign for the upcoming marketing operation. You should learn how to analyze those statistical figures precisely. As a PPC manager, you have to explore the changes that’ll make your Facebook marketing campaign more successful.

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*2 Facebook PPC Mistakes you Must Avoid*

* You’re not describing about yourself clearly

Facebook is very strict about approving the advertising units. If you’re not clear about your products, services or your business, they won’t let you run PPC campaigns on Facebook. The social website is concerned about online fraudulence activities and reviews the ad units before publishing them. So, you should be very clear, concise and honest while preparing the copy.

* You’re not targeting the audience appropriately

Failure to target the right audience group is a major reason why your Facebook PPC campaign might be futile. You have to explore more about the potential clients and their average profiles. This can only save you from a Facebook PPC disaster.

Beside running these paid campaigns on the social website, you should also learn how to get more Facebook likes in a natural way. Try to engage your existing clients and fans; encourage them to share about your products and services. This will help you grow your business on Facebook effectively.

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