6 Useful Home Moving Tips to Facilitate the Process

I am a proud New Yorker. Born and brought up in this magnificent city, I have real fond memories of New York, and had never dreamt that I would have to relocate from there. Then again, who could ever foretell what circumstances can compel us to do, right? Professional commitments required me to move to Las Vegas last year, and I was initially in a fix as to how the entire moving arrangements would be managed (I do not pride myself to be a really hard worker, you see!). That was when one of my former colleagues, Mr. Nelsen, came to my rescue. Thanks to his expert moving tips, I managed to get in touch with some of the best moving companies in New York, and make sure that my relocation was totally hassle-free. In case you are planning to move anytime soon, I’m sure that you too will find these tips useful:

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Plan Early and Plan Well

Nothing in life can be achieved without thorough planning, and moving to a new home is hardly any exception. Start planning your move from well in advance, gather packing supplies, and make a shortlist of what would be the things you will be carrying with you. I started my packing from as early as three months before my moving dates, and managed to save quite a bit of money by handling the DIY aspects of moving effectively.

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Label the Packing Boxes

While packing my belongings, I was rather worried whether I will be able to remember what was being put into which box. After all, I needed to settle down at my new home quickly, and rejoin work within a week! Once again, it was Mr. Nelsen who helped me out – this time with a permanent marker! I labeled each of the boxes according to the items kept in the box, ruling out all possible chances of future confusions. You should also follow my suit, to make your move smart, efficient and problem-free.

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Travel Light

No, I am not suggesting that you should leave practically all your belongings behind, when you move to a new house. However, it is important to have a modicum of practicality in your packing plans. Resist the urge to tag along stuff that is not likely to be of much use in future. Packing in too many things also heightens the risks of accidental damages. I had to (after a good deal of convincing by Mr. Nelsen!) leave behind my old and rather dilapidated dressing table. I loved it – but it was time to let it go!

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Hire a Good Moving Company

Do not make a desperate bid to save money, by trying to handle all the tasks related to moving to a new house yourself. Mistakes are likely to happen, and you might end up losing some of your most valuable possessions. I had looked up on the web, and found the details of seven top moving companies in New York. All that I needed to do was contact their representatives, compare their price quotes and service profiles, and check past customer reviews – before zeroing in upon one. During any move, choosing an expert moving company should always be at the top of your ‘to-do’ list.

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Get an Idea of the Plan of Your New House

Unless you are fully aware of the dimensions, number of rooms, and other structural attributes of your new house, how will you be able to settle in quickly? Thanks to the guidance of my colleague, I went ahead and got a copy of the entire floor plan of my new house at Vegas. This helped me in planning how I was going to place my belongings at my new abode.

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Take Extra Care of Important Documents

It is extremely difficult to recover identity documents, academic and professional certifications, and such valuable papers – in case they get misplaced. Steer clear of all such probabilities, by packing them in a separate handbag, and keeping it with you. I had, in fact, bought a new brown leather bag, precisely for this purpose!

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In addition, I had entrusted my pet dog, Gray, to a local pet-care center, for the day of my move. Since I had made the extra effort of choosing the most suitable one from the moving companies in New York, I also got full value-for-money from its services. Be systematic and practical while planning your move, and make it an enjoyable experience!